Top 11 Allergy-Friendly Flowers for Your Bouquet

Top 11 Allergy-Friendly Flowers for Your Bouquet Photo

Your wedding bouquet is an essential detail on your wedding day. It complements your dress and adds a beautiful element to the overall decor and theme, tying everything together. You may love flowers and want a beautiful bouquet for your wedding day, yet struggle with allergies or sensitivity to floral scents.

Fortunately, there are many gorgeous allergy-free flowers available to create a stunning wedding bouquet. We’ve compiled a list of our top 11 favorites and some fun alternatives for you to consider for your big day.

Can You Be Allergic to Flowers in a Bouquet?

Some flowers cause allergic reactions. If you, your partner, or your bridal party are prone to allergies, some flowers could have you sneezing as you walk down the aisle.

Pollen created by flowers is what triggers allergic reactions. The pollen comes from the male reproductive system in flowers. It’s a fine, yellow-like, powdery substance that the wind, birds, insects, and bees transport from flower to flower for fertilization.

While this is an essential process in nature, it can cause allergic reactions in some people, especially during spring. You may have a pollen allergy if you experience sneezing, nasal congestion, a scratchy throat, watery eyes, wheezing, or a runny nose when you’re around certain flowers.

Are There Allergy-Free Flowers?

Even if flowers tend to trigger your allergies, you can still have a lush bouquet on your wedding day. A variety of beautiful blooms is available to you for a sneeze-free bouquet. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite non-allergenic flowers for wedding bouquets.

1. Asiatic Lilies

While some species of lilies have pollen, Asiatic lilies are a specific breed for people with allergies. These stunning flowers are available in vibrant colors to light up your wedding day. Choose from passionate, rich red or light, soft pink for a romantic feel, or white lilies to symbolize innocence.

2. Carnations

There are so many reasons why carnations are a favorite for wedding bouquets. Their layered petals add a beautiful texture to a bouquet and will beautifully complement your minimalist wedding dress. Widely available in an assortment of flowers, these blooms are also an affordable option, so you can make a larger arrangement while remaining in your budget.

3. Daffodils

Often associated with the beginning of spring, these low-pollen flowers will add joy to your wedding day. Daffodils are low in pollen, so they’re considered allergy-friendly flowers for a bouquet. They typically bloom between December and April. You can choose from yellow, white, and even peach colors to create a striking arrangement.

4. Hydrangeas

Add elegance to your wedding day with brightly colored hydrangeas. These flowers have sticky pollen, which won’t float into the air, making them a perfect non-allergenic flower. Their full, fluffy texture makes for an abundant bouquet. You can choose from a wide range of colors that include yellow, green, pink, ivory, and blue.

5. Irises

Bold and regal, these brightly colored flowers are the perfect choice for the bride who wants a statement bouquet. This flower is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow and will add unique beauty to your wedding bouquet with its deep purple color. They’re available in a delicate, thin variety, or you can opt for a fuller and more lush bloom.

6. Orchids

Complement your modern, contemporary wedding decor with glorious orchids. These flowers are hypoallergenic because of their sticky pollen, which is unlikely to become airborne.

These delicate and unique orchid blooms will make for a stunning bouquet. The moth orchid, noble rock orchid, and slipper orchid varieties are the best options if you’re particularly sensitive to scents.

Top 11 Allergy-Friendly Flowers for Your Bouquet Photo

7. Peonies

Peonies will complement your special day if you’re planning a romantic and whimsical wedding day. This hypoallergic flower has beautiful large, soft petals and is known to be a symbol of good luck. Cream, blush, white, pink, and red are some of the radiant colors in which this flower is available.

8. Roses

This classic flower is a firm favorite for many wedding bouquets. It’s hypoallergenic, romantic, and makes for a timeless wedding bouquet. You have many options for color, texture, and style. You can’t go wrong with the timeless rose to create a memorable bouquet that complements traditional wedding decor.

9. Snapdragons

With their long stems, these unique flowers make for a dramatic wedding bouquet. Snapdragons are a gorgeous bloom available in crimson, pink, red, and white. This vintage flower, known for growing around cottages, is the perfect bouquet for a rustic-themed wedding day.

10. Tulips

Tulips are dreamy flowers for a unique wedding bouquet. A wide variety of colors and shapes are available to you to create a splendid bouquet. These flowers are naturally elegant, and you can combine different types to create a stylish and unique bouquet.

11. Zinnia

If you love daisies, you’ll be delighted with this hypoallergenic alternative, as they’re part of the daisy family. You’ll love their bright pink, red, orange, and yellow varieties.

Flowers to Avoid if You Have Allergies

There are many popular wedding bouquet flowers you’ll want to avoid if you have allergies. While these blooms are beautiful, you want to ensure a healthy and happy celebration on your wedding day.

Some flowers that may cause allergic reactions include sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies, and gerbera daisies. Baby’s breath and other wildflowers are often fillers in bouquets. While they may create a lush addition and fuller aesthetic, these fillers can also trigger allergies, so it’s best to avoid them.

What Can You Use as an Alternative to Flowers? 

Consider a different option if you’re allergic to flowers and hypersensitive to their scents. Flowers aren’t for everyone, and there are alternatives to choose from to make a gorgeous bouquet.

You could opt for a completely green arrangement made from eucalyptus, herb leaves, succulents, and cacti. Greenery adds a beautifully natural and minimalist aesthetic to your decor.

Silk flowers are a beautiful life-like alternative to real flowers. If you have allergies, consider this attractive alternative for your wedding bouquet. You can create an impressive bouquet that will last long after your wedding day.

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Top 11 Allergy-Friendly Flowers for Your Bouquet Photo