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Gardening & Planting Service for Restaurants and Shops in NYC

Gardening & Planting Service for Restaurants and shops in the New York City Photo

Restaurants, shops & businesses in the New York area are turning to gardening and planting to make their offices, patios, and walkways look perfect.

When you see beautiful flowers and greenery along the front of a large building, it improves the look of the structure. Flowers and greenery can be used on patios and street-side cafes to make the space feel more elegant. When you have space outdoors that you need to cover with flora, we have an answer for you at Mahir Floral Events.

Patio Flowers And Greenery for your Business

With parks all over the city, why not bring some of that greenery to your patio? Floral arrangements and outdoor greeny can make your guests happier because they have a chance to relax.

This is important on the street or in a little alcove that faces the street. However, rooftop bars, restaurants, and gathering spaces should have flowers and greenery that add to the views. A roof is not very interesting if you do not decorate it properly, and we can bring in flowers, plants, and shrubs that will make the area look lovely.

We also understand that there are small boutiques in the city that need greenery on the inside. We can help companies set up flower boxes in all the windows. We can also help with boxes that hang outside the windows. For example, the customers that see your flower boxes from the street will want to know what your business looks like on the inside. When we set up flowers around the shop, we can teach you how to take care of them.

Gardening & Planting Service for Restaurants and shops in the New York City Photo

How Can Restaurants Bring Flowers To Their Tables?

When restaurants in NYC want to bring flowers to their tables, they can go the extra mile by working with us. We can provide the flowers that are needed for each table before the service starts, and we can help our clients find the best flowers for their aesthetic. We know that each eatery is different, and we will work with our clients to help them find amazing flowers that will impress their patrons.

What About Flowers In Your Office?

Offices in the city can be very tense places to work, and we do not want our clients to feel stressed as soon as they walk into the office. Our floral services can be used to set up flowers and plants around the office to help everyone relax as they work. Plants can be used to make the office feel a little bit more homely, and we can use these flowers to decorate your reception area to impress your guests or clients.

Can We Provide For Delivery?

We can deliver bouquets or arrangements when businesses or private individuals want to make a good impression on someone. For example, a renter who wants to make their tenants feel at home can send flowers when they move in. We can offer flower deliveries for businesses that want to send gifts to their clients, and we can send floral arrangements for big meetings. Think of a major conference with a big investor as your chance to show them that you are serious. Having live floral arrangements in the office can make those investors think highly of your company. Plus, they will want to know where the flowers came from.

You Can Contact Us Today For Help With Gardening & Planting

Call us today at 212.686.1999 to request a design for your outdoor space. We do not charge a fee to book, and we can deliver any time you are ready.