Need a Flower Arrangement in NYC? Six Tips for Ordering for Any Holiday

If it’s a holiday in Manhattan, then it’s an occasion to send a surprise floral arrangement. Let Mahir Floral & Event Designers be your local flower shop to send the best blooms to friends, family and colleagues across New York City. Save yourself time and the stress of selecting the perfect gift. Flowers do it all!

We offer same day delivery for all holidays, including Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and more. Your Manhattan florist won’t let you down when sending flowers really counts. Read on to get our six quick tips for ordering a flower arrangement for any holiday. At Mahir, we’ll make it fast, easy & affordable for same day delivery in NYC.

Tip #1: Consider the Mood of the Holiday

Flowers speak powerfully during times of celebration and sadness, and that’s why it’s important to consider the holiday you are marking with your arrangement. Consult with your florist on the options available to match the holiday mood. Your local flower shop has many in-stock options, but you also may want to consider special flowers that require a little more lead time for ordering. For example, if you’re wanting to send a beautiful bouquet on New Year’s Day to celebrate a brand new year — you may want to consider sending orchids, a symbol of good luck. On Independence Day, a mix of red, white and blue blooms such as red roses, white carnations and blue hydrangeas are ideal. Work with your florist to communicate your vision and to buy the best blooms for the occasion.

Tip #2: Go with Your Vision

You don’t have to go with the typical recommendations of your local flower shop. You can buy whatever blooms you ultimately want. Think outside of the box for traditional occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. For example, instead of the typical poinsettia for Christmas, consider an arrangement that takes on a more wintery, snow-like theme — such as white roses, white paper whites and mistletoe all mixed together. Work with your local flower shop to see if same day delivery can still be available for more unique designs.

Tip #3: Buy Local & Plan Ahead

Some of the very best blooms come from your local flower shop in Manhattan hat you can find “near me” online. They offer same day delivery and a wide variety of arrangements with on-demand florist consultations. The key is to be in touch as quickly as possible to make sure they can bring your floral vision to life. If you’re in a rush and need same day delivery, your florist can recommend the best flowers you can buy that are in stock. At Mahir, however, we also keep track of all of our client orders so that we can continue recommending the best blooms as your needs arise. This helps especially if we know that you’d like recommendations for several holidays, such as Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Let our staff know when you call, and we’ll be prepared as each holiday draws near.

Tip #4: Give Feedback

At Mahir, we want to know if your experience asking our florists to design and flowers in NYC met your expectations. Did the recipient love the blooms? Did we hit the right holiday tone with the colors and flower types we selected for that birthday, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day and more? Did we get your blooms to the recipient throughout the US in time? We see your feedback as an integral part to building our relationship over time, so be sure to call back or email to let our floral designers know the outcome. We’ll continue to make note of your feedback in our client portal so that we can continue to serve you better!

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Tip #5: Don’t Forget You

You’re ordering for the special people in your life — we get it! But remember, during the holidays, flowers are for you, too. Don’t forget to consider a batch of blooms for your personal use — to decorate your mantle, to add to your holiday party, to celebrate a festive occasion you’re happy about. At Mahir, we want nothing more to spread the joy that flowers bring — and there is nothing like a holiday time to do just that. Take advantage of the awe and happiness that comes from gazing at a beautiful bouquet. Treat yourself to some of that flower magic. You’ll be glad you did!

Tip #6: Remember “Near Me” Doesn’t Matter

Whether you’re in Manhattan, broader NYC, or beyond New York City, Mahir Floral & Event Design is ready to meet your holiday flower needs. We ship throughout the USA, so whether you discover our physical shop is “near me” online or not — it doesn’t matter! We are prepared to be your #1 NYC florist and stand behind our promise to deliver some of the very best blooms in record time.

Ready to Send Flowers?

Whether it’s Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, Mahir Floral & Event Designs has the finest floral arrangements and fresh bouquets for your special occasions. There are so many people to shop for during the holidays, but you can make it easier than you ever expected by sending flowers to your loved ones and colleagues. Make it easy on yourself this holiday season!

Shop for your perfect gift and order flowers online for same day delivery in Manhattan, New York City and even throughout the state of New York. We guarantee that your flowers are always on time free. If you’re looking to buy “near me,” then we’ve got your covered at Mahir. Buying flowers for the holidays in NY has never been easier. Save time, money and the stress of holiday shopping by placing your order today!

Consider our six quick tips for ordering your own beautiful arrangements, and give Mahir a call today!

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Tips For Choosing a Corporate Flower Service in NYC

There are many corporate offices throughout New York City that make great use of fresh flowers to greatly improve their corporate environments. The right arrangement of these flowers can make the corporate setting more inviting to clients and provide a nicer atmosphere for employees. Different areas throughout the corporate setting can make use of different choices of flowers.

How to Choose a Corporate Flower Service

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1. Check to See What Experience The Flower Service Has With Other Corporate Offices in The City

There are very few things that can replace experience. When a florist serves multiple corporate clients throughout New York City it gives them valuable experience, which allows them to truly understand what different types of settings they might encounter and how flower arrangements can be used to achieve their client’s needs. Their designers should be comfortable putting together weekly arrangements that meet the specifications of each individual client and should be capable of changing things up so that the flower arrangements match seasonal changes, holidays, and special events.

Make sure the florist has designers who understand different settings such as the needs of a restaurant, retailer, hotel, and corporate offices. For corporations, flowers provide an opportunity to highlight key areas in their office space, hide eyesores, or draw attention to something important.

2. Ask How They Can Elevate The Mood of Visitors And Employees

When flowers are arranged the right way, they are works of art. Colors and sents can evoke feelings and emotions. Florists have the experience and know-how to design flowers in ways that can elevate a space and inspire those who see them.

3. Choose A Corporate Flower Service In NYC Who Has Dedicated Designers

Having flowers arranged on a weekly basis is an opportunity to provide a fresh environment with little change. Dedicated designers can keep the design creative and fresh so it doesn’t feel stale or boring. Weekly flower service offers a chance to provide contrast and change that allows the corporate setting to always appear fresh and exciting. There are very few ways that would be practical to achieve this outside of floral arrangements.

Additional Benefits For Getting A Great Corporate Flower Service In NYC

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Weekly flower deliveries can save money thanks to reduced prices for recurring orders. Hiring a professional frees up staff to focus on other priorities while the floral designers create an aesthetically pleasing design.

Colorful flowers can cheer up any reception area. Flowers offer a great first impression when someone enters the office and creates the perfect atmosphere for welcoming new and existing clients. It’s quite common for a corporate office to have very neutral colors throughout. Having flowers appropriately arranged really brightens up the space and gives it interesting colors and contrast.

Contact Mahir Floral & Event Designs for Corporate Weekly Floral Deliveries

Mahir Floral & Event Designs can create the perfect weekly flower arrangements for delivery at your corporate office. Contact us today to learn more.

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