Gardening & Planting Service for Restaurants and shops in the New York City

Restaurants, shops & businesses in the New York area are turning to gardening and planting to make their offices, patios, and walkways look perfect.

When you see beautiful flowers and greenery along the front of a large building, it improves the look of the structure. Flowers and greenery can be used on patios and street-side cafes to make the space feel more elegant. When you have space outdoors that you need to cover with flora, we have an answer for you at Mahir Floral Events.

Patio Flowers And Greenery for your Business

With parks all over the city, why not bring some of that greenery to your patio? Floral arrangements and outdoor greeny can make your guests happier because they have a chance to relax.

This is important on the street or in a little alcove that faces the street. However, rooftop bars, restaurants, and gathering spaces should have flowers and greenery that add to the views. A roof is not very interesting if you do not decorate it properly, and we can bring in flowers, plants, and shrubs that will make the area look lovely.

We also understand that there are small boutiques in the city that need greenery on the inside. We can help companies set up flower boxes in all the windows. We can also help with boxes that hang outside the windows. For example, the customers that see your flower boxes from the street will want to know what your business looks like on the inside. When we set up flowers around the shop, we can teach you how to take care of them.

NYC Restaurant outdoor seating Garden Design

How Can Restaurants Bring Flowers To Their Tables?

When restaurants in NYC want to bring flowers to their tables, they can go the extra mile by working with us. We can provide the flowers that are needed for each table before the service starts, and we can help our clients find the best flowers for their aesthetic. We know that each eatery is different, and we will work with our clients to help them find amazing flowers that will impress their patrons.

What About Flowers In Your Office?

Offices in the city can be very tense places to work, and we do not want our clients to feel stressed as soon as they walk into the office. Our floral services can be used to set up flowers and plants around the office to help everyone relax as they work. Plants can be used to make the office feel a little bit more homely, and we can use these flowers to decorate your reception area to impress your guests or clients.

Can We Provide For Delivery?

We can deliver bouquets or arrangements when businesses or private individuals want to make a good impression on someone. For example, a renter who wants to make their tenants feel at home can send flowers when they move in. We can offer flower deliveries for businesses that want to send gifts to their clients, and we can send floral arrangements for big meetings. Think of a major conference with a big investor as your chance to show them that you are serious. Having live floral arrangements in the office can make those investors think highly of your company. Plus, they will want to know where the flowers came from.

You Can Contact Us Today For Help With Gardening & Planting

Call us today 212.686.1999 or check us out at when y6ou are ready to place an order for flowers and plants. We can deliver to your business right away, and we can deliver to clients or guests that you would like to impress. When you call 212.686.1999, you can also speak to one of our friendly employees about the kinds of plants or flowers that you might need. We can explain what will work best for you, and we can put you on the calendar right away. We do not charge a fee to book, and we can deliver any time you are ready.

Mahir Floral Events

Who We Are & What We Do

At Mahir Floral, we offer you, dear customer, only the best, finest, and most beautiful arrangements and bouquets. Based in Manhattan, New York City, USA, we combine the comfort of your local flower shop or florist with the convenience of same day delivery in a fast, easy & affordable fashion. Whether near me or near you, you can buy and order flowers online or send flowers always on time free to anyone of your choosing. With fresh, hand-picked, and high-quality arrangements, our bouquets and arrangements can be the perfect gift for any occasion or reason, from love for a special someone on Valentine’s day to a simple random act of kindness for a friend or stranger.

For Whom We Do What We Do

In addition to our wide selection and affordability, not to mention discretion when it comes to intimate and anonymous requests, we also are glad to help in professionally furnishing entire spaces and displays for weddings and other special occasions to dazzle guests and audiences of all kinds. We combine quality with cutting-edge innovation and personal craft to create something we are certain will leave a lasting and satisfying impression on everyone involved. We have worked with 5-star hotels and other prestigious entities, with whom we have forged a strong and lasting reputation of trust and quality. From the wealthiest enterprises to the most frugal individual, we do not compromise the quality of our services, which we take very seriously and upon which we stake our reputation. Whether furnishing the lavish and luxurious hotels of corporations and small store windows of budding businesses or brightening up the days and faces of unsuspecting recipients in their homes or places of work or in intimate gatherings, we are personally and professionally invested in helping you make and receive the impressions and impact that you secretly wish for and indeed deserve.

Mahir Floral Events
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Thank You

We are overjoyed that you have decided to visit our website, whether simply to look and learn more or whether to make your first or most recent purchase. We thank you humbly for your patience and interest in seeking out and reading the information we have presented here, and kindly request that you kindly give a call at your own convenience whether you are looking to place an order or even to simply ask questions or even compare different stores, as we value customer freedom of choice over any compulsion to buy. We are here for you for whatever you may need or desire.

Our Promise

We hope you will buy from us, your local flower shop and indeed the best florist online yet still near me and you, as we offer only the best arrangements with love and same day delivery, be it Valentine’s day or any other, whether you wish to buy, shop, send flowers to Manhattan, NYC or from Manhattan, NYC, near me or near you, with same day delivery at reasonable prices every time. Your local flower shop and florist from Manhattan, New York City, NYC, NY and florist near me and you: MahirFloral.

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Sympathy & Funeral Flowers Guide – New York City Flower Shop

What to Do When Someone Dies: A Quick Guide to Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

When someone close to you or your family dies, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly how to offer your condolences and to let the bereaved know that you care. The traditional and expected way of showing sympathy, however, is to send a beautiful arrangement. Finding the right floral shop can be overwhelming, and if you’ve found yourself searching for any and all shops “near me,” it’s time to save yourself time and stress.

At your Manhattan local flower shop Mahir Floral Design & Events, our floral staff offers same day delivery of beautiful Sympathy & Funeral arrangements that can be delivered to the bereaved’s home or directly to the funeral home of your choice. In addition to offering some of the best blooms in NYC, the florists at Mahir offer an attentive and knowledgable customer service experience to help you select the perfect gift for the people in your life who are grieving. When a death hits your family or workplace unexpectedly, the only thing you can do is be present with those in need. Add a little extra comfort and symbol of your care by sending a Mahir bouquet.

Read on to learn how you can can stop searching for floral shops “near me” and order flowers online from Mahir. Follow our four quick tips for selecting Sympathy and Funeral flowers — and then call to place your order!

Tip #1: Contact Your Florist Immediately

As soon as you hear about the death, you’ll want to contact Mahir Floral here in NY. We offer the finest Sympathy & Funeral bouquets and arrangements that can be delivered the same day you call. That first call will get you started with a consultation and will secure your spot on our delivery calendar. Arrangements for funerals move very quickly, and we are designed to be responsive in shipping across the city and the USA. We ship to services and homes in Manhattan, but also in the broader NYC area. Best of all, all of our flowers come with our “Always On Time Free” guarantee — so know that if we are late, you won’t pay. It’s never been easier to have peace of mind as you send flowers.

Tip #2: Set a Budget

Your budget is a topic that you’ll need to discuss before you can really get started on selecting the flowers. Set your budget so that you know what you’re comfortable spending and so that your floral designer knows the blooms that are on and off limits. You don’t want to send an arrangement of the most expensive roses if you really can’t afford that. Your Mahir florist can help you make the best choice within your budget and produce fast, easy & affordable flowers — including flowers available same day delivery — that will honor the deceased. You don’t want to spend hours in a flower shop in New York City when you easily can call Mahir. We can ship anywhere across New York City and the country. So let our staff know your budget, and we will work within that to get you the flowers you will feel proud to present to the bereaved.

Tip #3: Give Your Florist a Sense of Who the Flowers Are Memorializing

This is an important step in your relationship with your local flower shop. The flowers that you buy can memorialize the deceased in a special way. Your florist is prepared to listen. Did the deceased love pink garden roses? Was he a fan of sunflowers? Or maybe it was a certain color palette that he or she loved. The more you can tell your NYC florist about the person you are trying to honor, the better the final arrangement will turn out. So take a few minutes to talk about the person’s life. At Mahir, our team will listen with empathy and understanding. Our goal is to tell a story with the flowers you entrust our staff to send.

Sympathy & Funeral Flowers
flower shop near me

Tip #4: Keep Up the Communication

We recognize that one call or email may not be enough. We want to get it just right for the bereaved, so feel free to continue the conversation with our floral staff even after the you have placed your order. In addition, please feel free to let your consultant know what you thought of the flowers once you see them at the funeral home or hear back from the bereaved.

When you buy and send flowers, you want them to be perfect for those enduring a loss. Our designers love what they do, and take care with each arrangement. Selecting the blooms for your special order is one way we can honor those special people in your live who are going through so much hardship, and so we aim to please. We’re not happy unless you are. As your local flower shop in Manhattan, we want to provide the very best service to you during this difficult time, so please call or email in the weeks after the funeral to let us know about your experience.

Ready to Buy Your Fresh NYC Funeral and Sympathy Flowers?

At Mahir Floral, we arrange flowers for funerals and bereaved families in Manhattan and the broader New York City region every single day. As florists, we consider this an honor. You don’t have to spend hours searching for flower businesses “near me.” We understand how difficult this can be in a place like NYC. Instead, choose a local flower shop that can deliver the flowers you need, including same day delivery, and will listen to you every step of the way. If there is any time that a floral arrangement can tell someone “You matter, you are near me, I care,” it is leading up to a funeral. So call today and learn more about how our floral designers can help you select the very best blooms that say I care.

Order Flower arrangement in NYC For Mother’s Day

Looking for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Send Flowers! NYC Flower Shop

Mother’s Day is approaching — and now is the time to act to make sure your NYC Mom has that special gift on her special day. No need to search the web for “near me” floral shops anymore. Let Mahir Floral & Events Design help you!

As a local flower shop here in Manhattan, we’re ready to show you what our team of incredible florists can do for the special mothers and mother figures in your life. We offer some of New York City’s best deals, including same day delivery, combined with some of the most special bouquets. If you’re looking to make Mom’s day, look no further than our shop. Order flowers online today to ensure the perfect gift on Mother’s Day!

PLUS: Read on to get our five simple tips for ordering your fresh, beautiful floral arrangement in NYC today:

Tip #1: Consider Your Mother’s Favorite Colors

If you’re looking for the finest bouquets and floral arrangements for Mother’s Day, Mahir Floral can help you select blooms that will make Mom smile. The first step, especially if you’re not sure what flowers your Mom would like, is to consider your mother’s favorite colors. From there, our florist can recommend gorgeous flowers that match her color palette.

For example, if your mother loves purple — our Mother’s Day bouquets might feature beautiful lavender roses, deep purple orchids and plum carnations. If your mother is more into bolder hues, we can create a more artistic design that combines bright tropical flowers. We like to make every flower arrangement we design one that is unique and special for the recipient. We know how special moms want and need to feel on their day, and the right flowers can communicate that. At Mahir, we can suggest the perfect palette when you want to send flowers in NYC. Start the conversation with your florist and see where you land together.

purple calla lily NYC

Tip #2: Factor in Scent

Secondly, when you want to send flowers from Mahir’s local flower shop, you want to factor in the scent of the flowers. This is also something your florist can help you determine. If you know Mom is not going to be pleased with a really pungent aroma, then you want to steer clear of flowers that set off a perfume-like smell. For example, gardenias and jasmine each are gorgeous flowers but have very strong aromas. You’ll want to buy more subtle-smelling blooms on Mother’s Day if Mom isn’t into powerful fragrances. Consult with your Mahir florist for the best choices before you buy.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead If You Can

Mother’s Day can be a hectic time in the floral world, so if you’re planning on sending an arrangement and you want the option of specific blooms, you’ll want to plan ahead sooner than the actual day. Of course, Mahir offers same day delivery throughout NYC, including Manhattan, broader New York City and New York state. And that’s when it will really pay off to have a local flower business “near me.” We also can ship flowers throughout the country. But to make sure we can execute your vision, please try to plan ahead. We want to be the local flower shop you keep coming back to, and we’ll do everything possible to make your ideal arrangement happen whether we have a week or you request same day delivery. And, best of all: If back all of our arrangements by our promise “Always on Time Free.” That means if we don’t show up when we say we will, the flowers are free!

pink rose NYC

Tip #4: Ask All of Your Questions

We hear it all the time: You’re searching for the best “near me” flower shop with fast, easy & affordable arrangements. But you’re busy with work and family. You need to make a decision soon, but it all feels so overwhelming. You’re going to buy from someone, and we want to be your New York City go-to. Whether you are in Manhattan or greater NY, we are ready to help, so we encourage you to call or email to let our staff know a little bit about that special Mom in your life and what you want to communicate to her through your flowers on Mother’s Day. We will take it from there. And remember, Mom can live anywhere in the USA. We will get her arrangement to her on her special day!

Tip #5: Snap a Photo & Share

Finally, once you buy a Mahir flower bouquet, we want you to let the floral design team know what you thought of the finished product. Our Manhattan-based florist takes pride in executing your vision and our larger local flower shop team would love to hear your feedback. So don’t forget to take a photo of your flowers and tag Mahir Floral on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching for the tag @MahirFloral.

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

Ready to Buy the Best Manhattan Flowers?

If you’ve been delaying the purchase of that special gift for Mom, now is the time to start planning. With a week left — the very best blooms can be on their way just in time. If you’re ready to move forward with your vision for Mom on her day, then give Mahir a call today to talk to one of our designers. You’ll find top-notch floral designers, the most beautiful selection of flowers and the customer service you expect when you place an order with Mahir.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we are the local flower shop that can help you. Whether you’ve got a week or you need same day delivery, we’re gearing up to give you the best blooms in the city. Don’t search for floral shops “near me” any longer. You’ve found your match at Mahir, so get your ordered started today. We’re ready to help!


Dear Customers, we are still working hard to stock up full variety of flowers and vases.

In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.