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Someone you care for is graduating. After hard work and determination, they are stepping into a new season of life, and you're looking to celebrate their accomplishments and wish them well on their new life journey. Mahir Floral & Event Designs can help you express your sentiments with high-end graduation flowers in New York City.

Flowers are the perfect graduation gift because they symbolize celebration, achievement, and new beginnings. A fragrant, fresh-cut arrangement can sweeten your graduate's day and be a visual reminder of their accomplishments. Bringing flowers to the graduation ceremony also shows your support and encouragement for the next chapter of your graduate's life.

What Kind of Flowers Should I Get?

Some of the most popular graduation flowers include:

When making your choice, consider your graduate's favorite color, or opt for a bouquet that includes their school colors. Bright colors like yellow and orange can add a celebratory touch, while white flowers symbolize success and new beginnings. Ultimately, you want to choose flowers that hold meaning and bring joy to your graduate.

When Should I Give Graduation Flowers?

If you are attending the graduation ceremony, the best time to shower your graduate with flowers is right after. A delightful bouquet will surprise them and add a splash of brightness to their photos. If you plan on gifting your flowers at the ceremony, we'll be sure to prepare your flower arrangement to make it last.

Here are some tips to keep your bouquet fresh and fabulous:

  • Keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
  • Avoid touching or handling the flowers too much to prevent bruising or damage.

If you are not attending the ceremony but would love your graduate to know that you are thinking of their wonderful accomplishments, consider delivering a bright bouquet to their doorstep. You can schedule the delivery before the event or after. You can also consider getting the flower arrangement delivered to the ceremony. In that case, it would be best to deliver the flowers before the event starts.

Graduation Flower Delivery in New York, NY

Mahir Floral & Event Designs makes graduation flower delivery in New York a breeze. If you're ready to shower your graduate with appreciation, we're ready to provide you with a luxurious bouquet. You can get your flowers delivered on the day they graduate — even if you place the order on the graduation day. We offer fresh-cut, same-day deliveries for your convenience.

Get Graduation Flowers for 2024 in New York City, NY

We know you are proud of your graduate's achievements and would love to help you express your admiration. Mahir Floral & Event Designs specializes in unique floral arrangements — we arrange each bouquet with care and creativity. We have honed our craft so that you can give your graduate a spectacular bouquet of blooms. Although flowers may not last forever, they look glorious in graduation photos that you and your loved ones can look at for years to come.

Get a high-end bouquet for your spectacular graduate. Choose your floral arrangement from our exclusive graduation collection, and call 212-686-1999 or contact us online so we can arrange the perfect bunch of flowers for your graduate's momentous day.