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Common Questions About Memorial Day Flowers

What flowers are best to send for Memorial Day?

Poppies, lilies, and patriotic-colored arrangements filled with reds, whites, and blues are popular choices for Memorial Day flower arrangements. Some people choose to include more colors or different flower varieties to match their fallen hero's preferences.

How can I make my arrangement more meaningful?

Incorporating flags, ribbons, or other accents into your arrangement can help it stand out and feel more meaningful. You can also choose to include specific flower varieties based on their meanings if you want to send a certain message with your arrangements.

When should I order my flower arrangement for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a popular holiday for flower orders. Order 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure the florist has availability and can accommodate your delivery request. You can still order a bouquet 1-2 days ahead of Memorial Day if you were unable to do so sooner. Many florists can accommodate same-day or next-day delivery for last-minute orders. If same-day delivery isn't an option through an online order, call Mahir Floral & Event Designs at (212) 686-1999 to place your order.

Can I send flowers directly to the veteran cemetery or do I need to take them personally?

Many military cemetary's accept flower deliveries. Policies can differ on how far in advance they need notice and whether there are any restrictions. Call ahead or check policies online if available to coordinate your delivery.

Should I send Memorial Day Flowers to a Veteran?

No - Memorial Day is meant to celebrate our lost U.S. military heroes and their families. Delivering flowers to the veteran cemetery or sending an arrangement to the surviving family members is considered good etiquette. If you want to celebrate a veteran, Veteran's Day is an excellent time to do so.