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Roses are one of the most elegant, timeless ways to say “I love you.” But the right arrangement can say so much more. Whether you've got a special date coming up and want to set the mood, or you simply want to express appreciation for the people in your life, Mahir Floral & Event Designs can provide you with what you need.

Say What You Need to Say

Our collection of roses for sale come by the dozen and as part of many extravagant mixed arrangements, so you can truly find the perfect display for your home, office, or loved one. Each one is carefully selected and perfectly placed to offer a stunning reveal when it arrives at its destination.

While it's always a good idea to deliver flowers that fit your recipient's favorite color or general aesthetic, flowers have a language all of their own. If you're still thinking over your options, consider which roses will send the right message:

  • Red roses signify passion and romantic love. If you're trying to set an intimate mood or impress your significant other, red roses are the way to go.
  • Pink roses can also symbolize romance, making them an excellent complement to a red display. They also stand for gratitude and joy and are a popular choice around Mothers' Day.
  • Peach roses show your sincere and eternal appreciation. They add brightness to many springtime arrangments.
  • Purple roses, like the color itself, add an air of magic to any occasion. When you want to express how special and unique someone is in your life, purple roses are sure to convey the message.
  • Yellow roses are the go-to for expressing friendship and apologies. Whether you're trying to say sorry or welcoming someone close to you, yellow flowers will do the job.
  • Orange roses are another passionate flower, showing your pride and desire for that special someone.
  • White roses stand for innocence, humility, and eternal love. Add them to any arrangement for extra meaning, or find a dozen white roses for sale for the ultimate declaration.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we receive about rose deliveries:

How Long Will My Roses Last?

When properly cared for, your fresh roses can last for weeks. For their maximum life span, be sure to:

  • Change their water daily.
  • Trim stems regularly.
  • Condition your water with flower food.

How Can I Preserve My Roses?

The easiest way to keep your arrangement permanently is by drying your roses. Once you've displayed them for a few days, hang them upside down and let them dry naturally in a cool, dark place. After about two weeks, spray them with hairspray to help them maintain integrity.

Where Can I Find Roses for Sale Near Me?

If you or your recipient lives or works in New York City, Mahir Floral & Event Designs is the luxury floral arrangement center you've been searching for. Our elegant arrangements elevate any occasion and are ready to go out for delivery now.

Buy Roses for Delivery in Manhattan and NYC

When you want your space or that special someone to feel beautiful, Mahir Floral & Event Designs' rose delivery services will make it happen. We serve all over NYC and have roses for sale year-round. Explore our selection of luxury flower arrangements today, and contact us when you're ready to order.