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What's The Difference Between Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Flowers?

As the name suggests, funeral flowers go directly to the funeral home, as they are used at the funeral service as a tribute to the deceased. Sympathy flowers, on the other hand, are sent after the service to show your deep sympathy to the deceased's family. Therefore, you must send funeral flowers in time for the service, while you can send sympathy flowers at any time. Some people even take out a flower subscription to keep sending flowers throughout the year.

In general, when sending flowers to a funeral, the recipients are the close family members of the deceased. However, it's also appropriate to send flowers to the deceased's relatives, especially if you are close to them.

What Are the Common Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements?

You have a choice of several different arrangements for funerals, including the following:

    • Casket sprays: These arrangements lie on the casket, along with separate interior casket arrangements. The deceased's immediate family often chooses and supplies these arrangements, so if you aren't closely related, you can let them take care of it.

    • Standing sprays: In this arrangement, fresh-cut flowers are placed near the casket on a wire stand. The close family also choose these arrangements, although friends supply smaller versions.

    • Wreaths: This is a popular flower arrangement option, as they can be placed around the casket, grave, and venue. This arrangement is appropriate for friends, work colleagues, and family members.

    • Baskets and posies: These are popular options for friends and acquaintances, as they are easy to place at the venue.

Whatever option you choose, avoid arrangements with embellishments like balloons or stuffed animals, as they are often considered inappropriate.

What Color Should Memorial Flowers Be?

When it comes to memorial flowers, white is generally the most appropriate color. It symbolizes purity, remembrance, and new beginnings. Some of our arrangements also feature light pinks for love and appreciation and yellows for light and hope. Arrangements also come in a variety of sizes, from small vases to mid-sized baskets and larger standing wreaths.

When Should I Send Funeral Flowers?

If you're sending a sympathy bouquet or arrangement to the home of the bereaved, you can send it as soon as you want. However, if you're planning on sending an arrangement for the funeral or memorial, let us know the day and we'll time your delivery so it gets there on time but not too early. Try to schedule delivery for the morning of or the evening before the memorial so that the flowers look their best.