How to Plan A Romantic Anniversary Dinner At Home

How to plan an anniversary dinner at home

The time of year has come to celebrate the enduring love between you and your partner, and you’ve decided to do it in the most intimate setting imaginable — your home. Hosting a special at-home dinner for you and your loved one is an inspired idea and can become a cherished memory if executed well. With a bit of planning, some gorgeous decor and a sumptuous meal, those butterflies will come flooding back like you’re on your first date.

Cooking a Romantic Anniversary Dinner at Home

When you cook a special spread for your partner, you do much more than feed them a home-cooked meal. You show them how much you care about them, how well you know them, and how much effort you’re willing to put in to make them feel loved. Pick romantic dinner ideas you know they’ll love while bringing a sense of novelty and excitement to the evening by cooking something they’ve never had from you before.

Plan a Delicious Dinner and Dessert Menu

While some dishes require a somewhat trained hand, many can form part of a nice, easy, romantic dinner menu cooked at home. If you want some extra insurance that the meal will come out great, consider practicing it once or twice at a family or friend’s place. For this guide, we’ve picked French cuisine because it’s a classic crowd-pleaser that sings of romance and luxury, but the internet is brimming with great recipes for good food from around the globe.

Find a Recipe That Works for You

Although you aim to impress and delight your partner’s senses, you still need to pick a recipe that works for you. Whether you want to keep it quick and cost-effective or go all-out, your perfect anniversary dinner recipe is out there. Here are a few French recipes you can cook up for your special somebody:

  • Chicken Provençal: This dish brings you and your partner a taste of southern France, with bold flavors of garlic, rosemary, tomatoes, and olives.
  • Salmon Niçoise salad: For a fresh, flavorful and slightly lighter meal, make this easy yet refined salad featuring soft-boiled eggs and baked salmon.
  • Steak au poivre: Rib-eye steak crusted with peppercorns is draped with divine red wine, fond, and shallot sauce with a delicious 20-minute recipe.

Vegetarians also have their choice of fine French cuisine, such as:

  • Potatoes au gratin: This dish is a satisfying marriage of cheese, onions, chives, cream and potatoes baked lovingly in the oven until golden brown on top.
  • Vichyssoise: Buttery and delicious, French leek and potato soup is excellent as a starter or a main course and can be served hot or chilled.

Finish things off with one of these classic French desserts:

Pairing a lovely wine with your meal is a nice touch if you’re going for elegance and sophistication. The right wine selection can also bring out the best in your homemade food, so you look like even more of an accomplished chef. Pair red wines like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon with red meats, white wines like Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc with fish and chicken, and wooded Chardonnay with cheesy, creamy dishes.

Enhance the Ambiance for a Memorable Night

The right atmosphere is paramount to a romantic anniversary dinner. The mood should be relaxed, intimate, and enthralling, making you and your partner feel like you’re the luckiest couple in the world. You can create this romantic ambiance with the right combination of lighting, music, and decor.

Mood Lighting

The dining room should have soft, warm lighting that flatters the diners and creates a cozy feeling. Candles are a staple of romantic dining affairs for their gentle flickering, moody flames and rustic style. Fairy lights work beautifully to achieve this glowing, dimmed look, too — they can transform an otherwise average dining room into a mesmerizing, otherworldly space. 

Romantic Music

You know your partner best, so select a soundtrack that they love or that is meaningful to you both as a couple. It’s preferable, though, to pick something relaxing that evokes emotions like love and happiness. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, consider including the song that played during your first dance or while one of you walked down the aisle. 

beautiful floral decor for anniversary dinner at home

Beautiful Floral Decor

Decor is your opportunity to transport your partner to another world — one of beauty, tenderness, and spectacle. When decorating your anniversary dinner space, floral arrangements are your best friends. Cast your mind back to cherished moments in your relationship, and let them inform your flower choices. These special memories can help you decide which flowers to choose:

  • Your partner’s favorite color or flower.
  • The bouquet the bride carried down the aisle.
  • Flowers native to locations that are special to you both.
  • The arrangements that decorated your wedding.
  • The first flower you ever gave them.
  • An inside joke related to a specific flower.

Flowers can also communicate emotions and ideas. For example, a red rose is an iconic romantic symbol that evokes passion, while white roses symbolize renewal and purity. Consider what message you want to send to your partner on this special occasion and amplify it with a chorus of flowers.

Choose a florist that does same-day deliveries seven days a week so you have the freedom to set up your anniversary dinner whenever is convenient for you both. If you’re a Manhattan or SoHo resident, you can get flowers delivered to your door as quickly as two hours after your purchase with Mahir Floral & Event Designs. For Brooklyn residents, we can get your flower arrangements to you in as little as four hours.

Prepare Your Home for Special Occasions

Your home may benefit from a quick reshuffling to properly set the stage for a romantic evening of celebration. First impressions linger, so if you’ve got a cat food container or bowl full of keys right at the entrance to the dining area, replace or conceal it with a big bouquet of roses to create immersion. Swap out the fruit bowl on the dining room table with a spectacular array of orchids and sweet peas to surprise and delight your partner. Scoot the dogs’ or kids’ toys into a separate room and create a space wholly dedicated to celebrating your relationship. 

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