Do’s and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day Flowers

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Of all the classic Valentine’s Day gifts — chocolates, jewelry, and fancy dinners come to mind — flowers have a timelessness that makes them a beautiful way to express affection. 

Before you take your partner out to dinner, go to the movies, or cook them a homemade dinner, start with a gift of an elegant flower arrangement. These do’s and don’ts can tell you everything you need to know about how you should send flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

Do Consider Scents 

A fragrant bouquet of flowers can make a home smell delightfully fresh. Many people love the smell of roses, lilies, peonies, and lavender, but others may have allergies or sensitivities that prohibit them from enjoying fragrant flowers.

Unless you know your partner’s favorite fragrances, you may want to choose flowers with light, airy scents or no scents at all. Scentless flowers that are still beautiful include:

If you know your partner loves the smell of a certain flower — perhaps they use a lavender spray on their pillow at night — select an arrangement that includes that flower. 

Don’t Combine Overwhelming Scents

While fragrant flowers can boost your mood and make your home or office smell like walking through a botanical garden, you may not want to combine multiple strong scents into a single bouquet. Instead, base your bouquet around one scented flower — like a rose — and speak with your florist about which scentless flowers from the list above would enhance your bouquet’s aesthetics. 

Do Ask Your Florist for Advice 

You can work closely with your florist during your endeavor to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers. Remember that they’re the experts. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice and tell them as much as possible about what you’re looking for, your partner’s preferences, and when you’ll need the flowers. 

Don’t Forget to Mention the Details 

Remember to mention any specific requests when placing your order. Details you’ll want to relay may include the following:

  • Allergy information: Let your florist know if your significant other has any allergies or sensitivities to certain flower varieties. 
  • Delivery time: Tell your florist if you need the flowers delivered at a specific time, such as if you’ll be having them delivered to your significant other’s office and need to work around their meeting schedule.
  • Substitutions: Having substitutions in mind will ensure your florist knows the appropriate action to take in case they run out of a flower variety or shipments get delayed. 
  • Personal details: You can also tell your florist some personal details about your partner that will help them craft the perfect arrangement. For example, share your partner’s favorite colors and whether they appreciate the traditional or the trendy more.

Do Order With Plenty of Time

It’s never too early to order your Valentine’s Day arrangement. However, you should order your flowers for Valentine’s Day at least one month in advance. Ordering with plenty of time to spare gives you peace of mind and ensures you won’t run into issues with florists being too busy to fulfill orders closer to the day. 

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Waiting until the last minute for any Valentine’s Day-related activity is inadvisable. And it should come as no surprise that ordering flowers at the last minute for what is arguably the most romantic day of the year is also inadvisable. If you wait until the last minute, you may have trouble finding a florist with availability, or you may experience a limited selection of flowers. 

Order with enough time to get the flowers you want for your significant other. 

Do Consider the Person You’re Buying For 

You can make your arrangement stand out by customizing it to your significant other’s preferences and tastes. As previously mentioned, you’ll want to consider their fragrance preferences, favorite colors, and personal tastes. Other considerations include the following:

  • Whether they’re a minimalist or a maximalist
  • The amount of time they have to take care of an arrangement
  • Whether the symbolism of certain flowers will be important to them
  • If they’d appreciate color symbolism in their arrangement 
Do's and Don'ts of Valentine's Day Flowers Photo

Don’t Make Your Arrangements Impersonal

There’s nothing wrong with heading into your local supermarket and choosing a bouquet off of the shelf. However, you’ll likely want to put in a little more effort when choosing Valentine’s Day flowers, especially if you’re purchasing them to celebrate a long-term relationship.

If you are constrained by a budget or another factor, think of out-of-the-box ways to express your love and appreciation. You might get their favorite candy to accompany the arrangement or include a handmade book of coupons your significant other can redeem throughout the year. 

A personal touch goes a long way when choosing a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement. Make your loved one feel special, whether you are going to create a customized arrangement with a florist or add a personal flair to a more simple bouquet. 

Do Make a Note of Trends

If your partner is always on top of the trends, do some quick research into popular flowers and arrangement styles before making an order. In 2023, climate-friendly blooms, vibrant pink bouquets, pressed flowers, and all-white arrangements are expected to be popular. Stay ahead of the curve this Valentine’s day by looking at forecasted flower trends. Your significant other will appreciate the extra effort!

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Out on a Limb

While sticking to the trends or the classics — like a big bouquet of red roses — is a great idea, you can also experiment and be creative. 

For example, maybe you want to try your hand at making a flower arrangement yourself using blooms from your garden. Creating an arrangement on your own takes time, patience, love, and care. 

You may also want to work closely with your florist to design an out-of-the-box bouquet for your partner. Trust your gut — sometimes it’s more beneficial to listen to your heart than to listen to trends. 

Above All, Be Sincere 

The perfect Valentine’s Day flower is one that exudes care, compassion, joy, and happiness. And, of course, love. When ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day, your heart should be at the core of the arrangement. Let it shine through no matter the flowers you choose. 

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