Flowers for Wedding Celebrations – During COVID-19

Flowers for Wedding Celebrations - During COVID-19 Photo

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about how we do things in this world. It has also made many people feel ambivalent about doing many things that used to seem normal and basic to them. Many people these days understandably feel concerned about planning weddings. Weddings traditionally are sizable celebrations that involve being around dozens and dozens of others in close quarters. Event planners have been postponing weddings left and right recently, and that’s no surprise. People naturally have significant reservations about being so close to so many others at the same exact time. They have concerns about catching and spreading the virus themselves. They also have concerns about other people catching it and feeling responsible.

We’re a flower shop that historically has worked on many wonderful weddings all over the place, and nothing has changed there. We have noticed that people lately have been reluctant to find out about dates. They’ve been hesitant about going forward with wedding flower inquiries as well. Why is that? It’s simply because they’re not certain. They honestly have no idea whether the dates they’re working with are going to remain the same. They don’t want to risk committing to purchasing tons of gorgeous flowers without needing them, either. Our aim here is to put all existing and potential customers’ minds at ease. We want to tell you that you don’t have to worry if you have to adjust your date. We have no booking fees at all, first of all. We’re all about flexible dates as well. If you want to be able to inquire about wedding flowers without having to live in fear of committing to anything, our store is right here waiting patiently for you. We’re more than enthusiastic about speaking to people who have inquiries about our lovely wedding floral displays and more.

Our flowers can contribute to weddings that are bona fide luxury experiences for all. If you want to look into majestic and enduring bridal bouquets, we can help you out. If you’re searching high and low for breathtaking ceremony flowers, centerpieces & more, we can serve you well. We have a reputation for deluxe floral decorations and designs. Our approaches are suitable for all kinds of preferences and aims as well. If you’re interested in wedding floral design that has a classic and old-fashioned ambiance, we can come through for you. If you’re interested in wedding floral design that’s more contemporary and sleek, we can still come through for you. We zero in on couples and their specific wishes. That’s the reason our floral service is 100 percent individualized. Our choices in ceremony designs, bouquets, cake florals and centerpieces for receptions truly run the gamut.

We know all too well that making decisions during the wedding planning process can be incredibly difficult. That’s the reason we’re on hand at all times to answer any and all questions you have that involve wedding flowers and how they work. We present our clients with a vast range of flowers that are ideal for all kinds of events and occasions. That’s why our choices in wedding flowers are so diverse and plentiful. You’re certain to fall in love with our many choices in unforgettable roses, first of all. Roses have been wedding staples for longer than many people can remember. We have red roses that can truly complete your wedding festivities. We know how to put together roses in the most exhilarating and refreshing ways, too. We stock roses in many sizes and colors. They’re on hand at all different points of the year. Roses can be optimal for all brides regardless of the season.

Flowers for Wedding Celebrations - During COVID-19 Photo
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Do you want to plan a wedding that’s the epitome of sophistication? If you do, then you should ask us all about gardenias. These Asian flowers work wonderfully for weddings that take place during the hotter months of the year. Since gardenias are devoid of any stems, they look fantastic on tables and even in hairdos.

Daisies are flowers that are staples in weddings all around the planet, and with good reasoning. They’re never not in season. If you’re looking to plan an upbeat wedding that take can peoples’ minds off the troubling situation around the globe, there are few options that can compete with daisies. They contribute to festivities that are energizing and uplifting to the max. If you’re planning a yellow and white design theme, then daisies may complement it. Note, though, that they can work well alongside all kinds of color schemes.

If you’re keen on the idea of planning a wedding that has a faraway feel to it, then you may want to ask us all about orchids. These flowers can give your big day a certain inexplicable “je ne sais quoi.” They showcase magnificence and sophistication. They serve as wonderful highlights in the midst of intricate setups as well. If you’re searching high and low for incredible bridal bouquet flowers, then you can’t go wrong with our orchids. People tend to gravitate to them any time they plan easy and breezy weddings that take place on the beach.

Flowers for Wedding Celebrations - During COVID-19 Photo

Some people associate tulips with Easter in the springtime. The reality is, however, that these flowers are also wedding favorites. They’re lily family members that have petals that have distinctive forms. They’re on hand in a dizzying range of colors and types, too. If you’re trying to find flowers that can work well in conjunction with peonies, then tulips may be right up your alley.

Carnations have been traditions in weddings for quite some time now. They have girlish petals that are chock-full of frills. They have plentiful choices in colors as well. Those are just a couple of things that make carnations so irresistible to people who are planning weddings. They tend to be easy to get regardless of the season. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see them in the middle of weddings that take place in December, January, and February. Call us at Mahir Floral & Event Designs in NYC as soon as possible to find out more about our wedding options. Remember, you don’t have to think twice about any booking charges. You can reach out to NY business at 212.686.1999.