The New Year is a time of excitement, inspiration and hope…  That special day comes, in most cases, just in time for a well deserved and much needed change.  With finely noted plans, we’re ready to plunge into places where everything is just…better.  Our visions and dreams from previous years are ready to manifest- or so we hope.  The first few days are bliss.

It’s a new year and we can do it all, we can accomplish anything.  But, as time rolls on as quickly as she tends to do so, we snap into reality.  The party is over, the crowd is long gone and what remains are stepped over streamers.  We send wishes for a happy new year, but what does it truly take to be happy?  Accomplishing our goals right on target, right on time?  Gaining more notoriety and recognition?  Stuffing our pockets with more cash?

Happiness, like success, is a journey rather than a destination.  Each day we set out to conquer the world.  Usually, we don’t.  Nevertheless, we should find a source of contentment despite common setbacks and unwelcome surprises.  Many scholars have found plants to be a source of inspiration.  According to an article in Miller-McCune, several research studies related to the positive impact of nature on the human condition, producing psychological benefits, reduce stress and improve concentration.

Perhaps incorporating more nature into our lives will help us maintain the type of attitude and fortitude to obtain the results we wish for on the morning after the ball drops.  Get more plants, observe nature.  Go for more walks in or around parks.  Maybe this year will be different.  Maybe we will will refuse to settle for a Happy New Year and resolve to have a Happier New Year.


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