Guide to Flowers When Dating

Guide to Flowers When Dating Photo

Dating someone new can be exciting and sometimes a little nerve-racking. You want to make the best impression and keep the spark alive as you progress in your relationship. When it comes to showing your affection for someone, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true standby of a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Our guide to giving flowers when dating will teach you the fundamentals of gifting flowers to new love interests and long-term partners, as well as the best ones to send at every stage of a relationship.

Reasons to Give Flowers to the Person You’re Dating

Flowers are a universal love language. Whether you’re courting a potential partner or celebrating a milestone anniversary, flowers are a timeless and tasteful way to express your feelings and make your intentions clear. However, there are key moments in a relationship when flowers are especially deserved or appreciated. These are the best reasons to give the person you’re dating flowers:

  • Courting: Whether you call it “casual dating” or “hanging out,” the first stage of dating is all about getting to know the other person and making your feelings understood. Giving flowers to the person you’re interested in shows them that you see them in a romantic way, and want to take your friendship to the next level.
  • Anniversaries: Anniversaries celebrate a moment in your relationship that was extra special. And there is no better way to acknowledge all of your “firsts” and milestones than with a colorful floral arrangement.
  • Valentine’s Day: Considered the most romantic day of the year by many, Valentine’s Day always brings anticipation of something to commemorate it. Flowers are an affordable yet elegant gesture that will show your partner that you want to celebrate this holiday to the fullest.
  • Personal accomplishments: Graduations, award ceremonies, and promotions at work all deserve proper acknowledgment. Your partner has worked hard to achieve their goals, and giving them a stunning bouquet will show them just how much they are appreciated and recognize their efforts.
  • A random gesture of kindness: Who says you need a reason to send flowers? Giving them to the person just because you admire, love, or value them is more than reason enough. Your partner will be extra grateful if you offer a floral arrangement whenever you want to do something special for them.

When Should You Send Flowers?

Dates and special occasions are not the only times when you should send flowers when dating. Flowers can be sent to your significant other’s workplace or home out of the blue or to celebrate a special milestone.

If you’re in a new relationship or have been dating for just a few weeks or months, you may be wondering when you should send flowers. Here are all the appropriate circumstances that call for this charming gesture.

1. To Make Them Feel Special

Receiving a spontaneous beautiful floral arrangement is like shouting your feelings from the rooftops. It’s a display that shows your new flame how special they are to you, and that you went out of your way to do it.

Guide to Flowers When Dating Photo

2. On a Bad Day

Eventually, we all experience difficult days — whether it’s challenges at the office or trouble in personal relationships. A colorful bouquet and thoughtful note will brighten your significant other’s day more than you may realize. It symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel, and all the positive things that make life wonderful.

3. To Say “Thank You”

After a particularly great date or loving gesture, why not send flowers as a thank you? A floral arrangement sent as an act of gratitude sets the tone for your relationship. It shows that affirmations of appreciation are going to be part of your relationship and that you will ensure the other person feels valued and seen every day, not just on special occasions.

Should I Bring Flowers on a First Date?

Bringing flowers to the first date is an adage that has slowly transitioned from common courtesy to a skeptical tradition. With this seemingly dated gesture fading out of pop culture, you may worry that bringing flowers on a first date is too much, or that it’s corny to bring flowers on a date.

To help you determine what your best course of action is, here are some general guidelines for bringing flowers on a first date:

Is It Good to Give Flowers on a First Date?

Presenting flowers to the person you’re interested in can be interpreted in a few different ways. When given with positive, genuine, and pure intentions to someone that you have bonded with and gotten to know as a friend before this first date, flowers can be received in a favorable manner.

However, there are circumstances when you might want to ask your date if you can bring them flowers. For example, if this is a more casual date or an outing with other friends, you might ask if your date would be comfortable with you bringing flowers. Additionally, if you’ll be walking around for your date, carrying a bouquet of flowers the whole time might be cumbersome.

So, should you give flowers on a date? Absolutely! It just depends on your connection with the other person and the kind of date you are going on. 

What Are the Best Flowers to Send the Person I’m Dating?

Sending a love interest flowers speaks volumes. However, the type of flowers you give carry their own meaning. Here are the best flowers to send to someone you’re dating:

  • Roses: Roses are the most beloved flower in the world. They are the symbol of true romance, perfection, and delicacy. Every color rose has a different meaning — red for love, pink for appreciation, yellow for friendship, and white for new beginnings. Choose an arrangement that shows your true feelings with beautifully-colored roses.
  • Lilies: Lilies come in a variety of beautiful colors. They are larger, brighter flowers that attract all the right kinds of attention. Lilies represent purity, fertility, and new life.
  • Tulips: Tulips are a classic flower, associated with perfect and deep love. For centuries they have been regarded as some of the most romantic flowers. They also symbolize rebirth, charity, and new chapters in life.

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