How to Pick Flowers for Mother’s Day


As the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom, you may start thinking about spring holidays like Mother’s Day. While flowers are a great gift choice, how do you choose the right bouquet to show your mom or the mother figure in your life how much you appreciate her? The following tips can help you find the right arrangement that’s sure to wow.

Choose a Color Scheme

Colors can help convey specific emotions, making the hues you include in your bouquet important as you consider Mother’s Day flower arrangement ideas. For example, pinks are playful and light, while reds are intense and warm. You can also include multiple colors to try different dynamics.

Select the Right Container

consider the container to select the right arrangement for mother's day

Much like how a frame can elevate the picture it holds, the vase you choose can elevate the bouquet you give to your mother. For a more elegant arrangement, you can place the blooms in a ceramic vase. If you’re looking to show off the stems, you can use a clear glass vase. Other options include wrapping the vase in ribbons or leaves to add a unique element.

Consider Your Mom’s Favorite Flowers and Mix Them With Seasonal Options

If your mom has a favorite flower, include at least one of those blooms in your bouquet. Another way to elevate your bouquet is to mix her favorite flower with seasonal options such as:

  • Roses: Roses are timeless and one of the most popular options for Mother’s Day bouquets. Since roses are available in various colors, you can mix and match them to coordinate with other blooms or create different color schemes with your bouquet.
  • Carnations: Carnations have been a symbol of Mother’s Day since the holiday’s creation. Like roses, carnations are available in various colors, and their playful ruffles add an element of fun to any bouquet.
  • Tulips: When you think of spring, you likely picture tulips, making them a classic choice for Mother’s Day. Their vibrant hues are a great way to brighten anyone’s day.
  • Gerbera daisies: With numerous bright colors to choose from, Gerbera daisies make anyone who looks at them feel happier and are a great way to create a beautiful bouquet.

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