How to Plan a Mother’s Day Brunch in New York City

planning mother's day brunch

As the winter chills give way to a sunny spring, it’s time to start planning the season’s events — like a brunch for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a special springtime event that lets you celebrate your mother, grandmothers, and all the other incredible women who shaped your early years. Hosting a brunch for the occasion gives these women a relaxing and enjoyable day and can show them how special they are. They will cherish the opportunity to sit around a table with loved ones, savor delicious food, and engage in delightful conversation. 

If you’re new to brunch planning, here are a few essential things to consider for a successful Mother’s Day celebration in NYC. 

Make a Guest List

Start planning Mother’s Day brunch by considering who you’d like to invite. Begin with your mother and your partner’s mother. Depending on the size of the event you want to host, you can stop there and keep the brunch more intimate or add other women to the guest list. If you have siblings, you could invite them so that they can celebrate your mother with you. 

Other guests might include your children’s mother and widowed mothers like grandmothers and aunts. Consider anyone who had an influential role in raising you. 

Once you create a list, begin inviting your guests. While a phone call or text works, you may want to consider a more personalized touch, like mailed invitations. Print off an invite that matches your event theme with the date, time, and location. 

Choose the Location

The number of guests you invite may determine the event location. You’ll want to ensure you have room for all your guests around the table. Also, consider details like food preparation and entertainment space to determine if a particular location will work for your event. 

No matter where you’re located in the city, New York City is bound to have a delicious brunch spot nearby. Different spots may cater to different vibes so consider what is most important. Some spots may be better for those looking for alcoholic beverages or desserts as the star of the brunch. Use an online guide of popular NYC brunch spots to help you narrow down your choice.

Wherever you plan to host the brunch, count the number of plates, glasses, utensils, chairs, and napkins to ensure you have enough for everyone attending. 

Craft a Menu

A Mother’s Day brunch calls for delicious foods the mother figures in your life will love. Build your menu with sweet and savory flavors to delight every palate. Here are a few Mother’s Day brunch ideas:

  • Danishes
  • Quiche
  • Frittata
  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Salad
  • Omelets
  • Sandwiches
  • Hashbrowns
  • Pastries
  • Muffins
  • Oatmeal
  • Breakfast pizzas
  • Coffee cake
  • Yogurt and granola
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Biscuits and gravy

Consider your mother’s favorite breakfast and lunch foods, then add an elevated twist with fresh fruit for topping yogurt or waffles. You can also enhance egg dishes with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and herbs. 

Finish off your brunch menu with a selection of drinks. Make your mom’s favorite cocktail, or try a spring-themed drink with fruity and floral flavors. You could also offer a delicious wine pairing or incorporate a mocktail if you want a non-boozy option.

Decorate the Space

Set the scene for a lovely brunch with your decor. You might center your decorations around a particular color palette or choose a fun theme. A few brunch theme ideas include high tea, flower garden, glam, tropical escape, or French countryside. Add decorative elements to the dining area that match the theme, and consider how you can use themed food to enhance the atmosphere further. 

If you’re in the city, you may also want to take a minimalist approach. Choose a few impactful statement pieces that will wow while also limiting the amount of space they’ll take up.

Set the table to make mother's day brunch special

Set the Table

The table setting is the most essential part of the decor at your brunch. Start by choosing some Mother’s Day flowers as a gorgeous centerpiece. Select a color scheme that conveys a particular emotion, and mix your mom’s favorite flowers with seasonal blooms. Frame the arrangement in a suitable container to elevate the bouquet. 

Complete your table’s centerpiece with a table runner and some tall, skinny candles to pull together the look while making it easy to see across the table and converse with loved ones. Once you have decorated the table, add cutlery, plates, and serving dishes. Arrange these additions artfully and consider using beautiful serving platters or cake stands to display the food. Finish the table with menu cards and name tags so that your guests know what’s for brunch and where to sit. 

Select a Thoughtful Gift

Among all your Mother’s Day brunch planning, remember to add a thoughtful gift your mom can bring home. Beyond the blooms on the table, you might send moms home with a separate bouquet that brightens up their living spaces. If you’re gifting bouquets to several moms, you can make each one unique for a personalized touch. 

Other gift ideas include:

  • Food: Offer moms delicious treats they can savor. Food-centered gifts might consist of pastries, coffee, chocolates, cookies, and candy. 
  • Jewelry: Consider your mom’s style and pick a bangle, necklace, or earrings she’ll love. You can also add a personalized touch, such as children’s names or birthstones. 
  • Gift baskets: Surprise your mom with a mix of treats or a basket to pamper herself with. A pampering gift basket might include perfume, bath bombs, body wash, and lotion. 
  • Personalized gifts: Give a monogrammed jewelry case, purse, or pajama set for a customized gift a mother will love. Decide what to buy based on your mother’s interests. 
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