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In the world of picturesque floral options, there’s a certain charm to lilac flowers that cannot be ignored.

These flowers are inspirational, romantic, and welcoming all wrapped into one powerful package. With the beautiful touches and the elegant natural flair, this is a mix ideal for your floral needs.

Mahir Floral & Event Design has spent years finding the ideal balance and this mix gets the job done. With its immaculate touches and extravagant colors, the organic appeal of freshly grown lilacs is engrossing.

Delightful Mix of Flowers

With a splendid mix of purple Hydrangea, lilacs, and pink roses, this is a mix that’s straight out of a fairytale. The textured petals and appealing sight can take one’s breath away in a matter of seconds. Each detail is to be coveted with its immaculate and pristine setup. These are flowers that are perfect from top to bottom exuding a sense of luxury in endearing ways.

Having a powerful mix such as this made available to you offers a magical way to win someone over. Bring out these flowers and watch as their natural charm takes over.

These flowers are mixed to perfection offering a beautiful blend that’s right in line with your expectations. From the rich pinks to the engrossing purples, these colors and shades are simply outstanding!


What makes these flowers excellent for your romantic needs?

With your loved one, there’s a certain allure with the presence of lilacs. This mix has been crafted with your passionate intentions in mind as the bright-colored petals settle into place allowing winning admiration. These flowers are magically situated together to create a harmonious blend that’s charming in every single way.

Allow these flowers to take over and win the moment through nothing more than sheer elegance!

These are flowers that sing in tune with the vase’s charming colors leading to an exceptional blend of luxury. Among the various floral options available at Mahir Floral & Design, this has an appeal to it that’s extraordinarily vibrant.


With the best lilac flowers delivery NYC has to offer, it’s the sweet-scented nature of these flowers that win you over. The gentle aroma settles into the air as soon as it’s held in your hands. The vase has a magnetic presence with its alluring details and charming colors. Along with the fascinating vase comes the bright-colored petals with their lingering aroma.

The sweet scent gently flutters into the air spreading its love as each second passes.

In no time, these flowers are going to illustrate your passion for that special person in your life. The appeal of beautiful lilacs is matchless and it’s on full display with this arrangement.

Enchanting Gold Vase

The vase is where the heart is and that’s what these lilacs bring along with them.

The gold-colored vase is a finishing touch on the perfect natural floral arrangement. Having these beautifully blended flowers in one vase encompasses the natural magic of bringing them together. It’s not about a single flower but the overall mixture leading to something that’s tremendously passionate.

With its enchanting vibes and luxurious details, this gold-colored vase is the icing on the top.

Mahir Floral & Event Design takes pride in offering top-tier lilac flowers delivery NYC has to offer including the perfect gold vase.

Intimate Appeal

The intimate nature of lilac flowers can offer a wonderful peek into the magic of floral gifts. For your loved one, these flowers are going to provide something unique and special in a memorable way. Hand-picked by some of the finest floral experts, these lilac flowers have a sense of passion to them that’s heartwarming and intriguing.

You can fall in love with their welcoming nature and how breathtaking their presence is. When it comes to modern-day lilac flowers, these have a little bit of everything and come along with a gorgeous vase.

Mahir Floral & Event Design is more than happy to offer the finest lilac flowers delivery NYC has to offer at an affordable rate. These flowers are appealing, beautiful, and aromatic while being unique at the same time. When it’s time to pick out the perfect flowers for your loved ones, this is going to offer something truly remarkable.

Adore lilac flowers delivery NYC


Approximately 13” H x 13” wide

A beautiful mix of pink rose, lilac and purple Hydrangae in a translucent gold vase.

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