• Delicate purple phalaenopsis orchid meticulously designed with grass loops around

The Butterfly Effects Arrangement

The Butterfly Effects is perfect for weddings, gifts, and other special occasions. This gorgeous arrangement is made of purple orchids that look like butterflies are flying, hence the name. 

Grass loops add beauty and the modern vase gives it a contemporary and modern look that is going to make everyone happy. When you need New York City flowers, this gorgeous purple arrangement is just what you need. Order today and make someone happy.

When to Use This Arrangement

A unique flower arrangement is just the thing you need when you are looking for a beautiful gift. If you are looking for a florist near me make sure to visit our site right away and place your order. When you need a happy floral arrangement that is going to bring you joy and make everyone happy you want to choose this option.

This stunning arrangement is a beautiful shade of purple. Purple appeals to everyone and it is a color that brings people so much joy. Just looking at these beautiful flowers is going to reduce stress and make you feel happy. 

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This flower arrangement is going to look amazing and you are going to feel joy whenever you look at it. They are perfect for weddings. They make a great wedding gift and they look beautiful when you set them on a table.

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Why Mahir Floral

The Butterfly Effects arrangement is a great choice when you want to impress your guests and give a beautiful arrangement to the people you love. You get fast service and your happiness is guaranteed when you give these flowers. 

The flowers look great in any situation and the beautiful purple color is sure to please. You get fast delivery and your arrangement will be put together by an experienced floral designer. When you want flowers you can be proud of you need to consider this purple arrangement since it is so stunning.

Call Now to Order

You can’t go wrong with this arrangement and it is going to make everyone happy who comes into contact with it. This beautiful arrangement makes a great gift or wedding gift. If you are celebrating a special occasion you need to consider this flower arrangement since it looks so beautiful. The purple flowers look just like beautiful butterflies flying in the open sky. Call us now at (212) 686-1999 to order these flowers today!

Butterfly Effects : Delicate purple phalaenopsis orchid meticulously designed with grass loops around to give you butterflies in your heart


Delicate purple phalaenopsis orchid meticulously designed with grass loops around to give you butterflies in your heart!


Approximately 12” W x 16” H


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