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The Calla Sway Arrangement Is Beautiful And Sophisticated

Few flowers offer the same level of grace and sophistication as calla lilies. Beautiful in their simplicity, their delicate curves and arrowhead-shaped leaves look stunning in arrangements and bouquets.

The Calla Sway arrangement takes the elegance of these flowers to a whole new level, with richly-colored purple calla lilies artfully arranged over a bed of black stones. The deep purple color of the flowers combined with the shiny black surface of the stones creates a chic arrangement that is perfect for any occasion.


While white calla lilies are associated with innocence and purity, purple calla lilies symbolize passion. That is why so many couples choose them for their weddings. With same-day delivery available in the New York City area, this arrangement provides the perfect way to express your love or appreciation for someone special.


Despite their name, calla lilies aren’t really lilies. Instead, they are members of the Zantedeschia genus, a group of perennial plants that originated in Africa. Instead of growing from bulbs like true lilies, calla lilies grow from rhizomes. Interestingly, the spathe, which is the outer purple portion of the flower, is not actually a flower petal. Instead, it is a leaf. The coloring and shape of the spathe are designed to attract pollinators.

When to Use This Arrangement

When choosing an arrangement for someone special in your life, it is important to think about their personality as well as the occasion. Thanks to its elegance, the Calla Sway arrangement is perfect for anyone who has a chic, sophisticated taste. Together, the clean lines of the flowers and the smooth surfaces of the black stones create a stunningly graceful arrangement.

Sending this arrangement would be a beautiful way to celebrate six years together with the person you love since calla lilies are the flower of choice for a sixth wedding anniversary. It is also appropriate for many other occasions. Whether it’s helping someone celebrate a major milestone, offering sympathy, or saying thank you for something that they did, sending these is an excellent option.

Why Mahir Floral

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Online flower delivery makes it convenient to order flower arrangements at any time of the day or night. Same-day delivery is available in the New York City area, which means that the flowers will be delivered right on time, even for last-minute orders.

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Nothing feels quite as good as getting flowers – especially when the arrangement is beautiful and unique. With its stunning purple calla lilies and dark black stones, the Calla Sway arrangement is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to receive it. Call us at (212) 686-1999 to order them today!

Calla Sway : Beautiful purple Calla bunched together and placed over black stones


Beautiful purple Calla bunched together and placed over black stones.


Approximately 12” W x 16” H


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