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Clustered – The Perfect Floral Arrangement

Dendrobium orchids are one of the many orchids that we have in this world. They are the largest family of blooming flowers. The genus has many species from different cultures hence one cannot be certain of their initial origins and cultivation. The plant is naturally epiphytic, this means that they grow naturally on branches and trunks of other trees. The plant is also sympodial, it produces new stems at the base of the previous year’s stems. These stems are referred to as pseudobulbs. 

Dendrobium orchids have a wide distribution and great variation in growth characteristics. Some are deciduous and others are evergreen. They are well known for their extravagance and their attractiveness. Blooms occur in spurs projecting from the apex of the stem or along the full length of the stems. In others, their blooms last long and they have been used by florists for cut flowers. 

Symbolism And Meaning 

For the longest time, they have been held in high regard. During ancient times, royalties valued orchids as gifts and used them as ornamental flowers. They have been used over the years to symbolize: 

● Beauty 

● Refinement 

● Love 

● Charm

● Thoughtfulness. 

● Fertility

In ancient Greek, orchids symbolized virility. The Greeks were convinced with the connection, such that they believed orchids with small tuberous roots signified a female child and the orchid with large tuberous roots signified a male child. Aztecs used them to create an elixir that was believed to give power and strength. They have been used to signify royalty throughout history and have withstood the test of time 

Although they all symbolize love and beauty, the different colors can vary their meanings, the purple Dendrobium clustered orchid symbolizes respect, dignity, royalty, and admiration. 


Surprisingly versatile, they are also long-lasting and can be used for various functions. Orchids can be used to elevate your style at a wedding. Whether you have a contemporary or classic style wedding, purple Dendrobium clustered orchids are a good addition to the decor or your bouquet. Whether you are getting married in a ballroom or a tropical destination, these flowers can have a way of fitting in without any hassle.

According to a book called the language of flowers, the orchid means ‘you’re in my thoughts’. They can be used to signify that you think of your spouse or someone special if you decide to give them orchids. It can portray to your friends and family at your wedding that you will always be thoughtful of your new spouse. 

On their own, they produce a bold statement where they stand. They have magnificent colors and can bloom for a long time. A simple Dendrobium orchid can impact a room positively and fill it with good vibes. Orchids kept in a vase in your house are sure to attract the attention of anyone who walks in. If mixed with different traditional flowers, they are able to remove the monotony, add texture and a pop of color. 

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Clustered : Deep purple Dendrobium orchid clustered in a sleek modern vase with an accented bear grass going around


Deep purple Dendrobium orchid clustered in a sleek modern vase with an accented bear grass going around.


Approximately 11” W x 15” H


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