Eggplant Enigma, Intriguing And Memorable Flower Arrangement

If you’re currently looking for a flower arrangement to offer to your friends who invited you to dinner, the Eggplant Enigma can be a perfect choice. This flower arrangement is a mix of lilac roses, rich purple Vanda orchids, a purple Lisianthus, and one eggplant that creates the mystery and makes this arrangement intriguing and fun at the same time. 


The lilac or violet rose is a flower with a deep meaning. It symbolizes life, health, and quality of life. You won’t find the lilac rose at all the florists in Manhattan, as many of them prefer varieties that are already popular among their clients. However, no other variety of rose has this powerful meaning that makes it suitable for a range of special occasions such as recovery from illness, the birth of a child, or birthday anniversary.

The rich purple Vanda orchid comes to emphasize the elegance of the lilac rose. This delicate flower is a symbol of admiration, dignity and respect. This makes them perfect for many occasions when you want to show someone your admiration and your respect for their lifelong activity or for their special achievements. You can offer these flowers to an elderly member of your family, to one of your teachers, or to someone who has contributed to your personal growth. The broader meaning of orchids is love and luxury. In order to ensure they preserve their freshness, you should choose a reliable same-day delivery florist to place your order with. 

Best Time to Use This Arrangement

The purple Lisianthus is the perfect touch to create a bouquet that symbolizes gratefulness, acknowledgment, love, and respect. It works best as a “thank you” gift to people who are very important to you. Purple Lisianthus is the perfect wedding flower. You’ll often find them featured in the centerpieces of wedding arrangements, next to roses or peonies. The strength of the stem makes this flower one of the first choices for bridal bouquets and boutonnieres or corsages. 

Last but not least, the solitary eggplant is a symbol of prosperity and success. According to Chinese beliefs, the eggplant is a symbol of good luck. This makes it a great choice for various occasions such as wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, and any other special celebrations. Although unusual in a bouquet, the eggplant can add the perfect element of surprise that will make your gift memorable and highly appreciated. You can rest assured that your host will remember you for a very long time, should you show up for dinner with this exquisite mix of fruit and flowers. 

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If you need a special flower arrangement to create a strong impression on someone you care about, consider choosing the Eggplant Enigma, as it is a unique combination you won’t find anywhere else in New York City. This can be a great gift in a wide range of situations, from visiting someone recovering after an illness, to dinner parties, anniversaries, or wedding ceremonies. Order it today by calling us at (212) 686-1999 and take advantage of our seamless online flower delivery. You’ll be glad you’ve chosen our services!

Eggplant Enigma : Rich purple Vanda orchid paired with lilac rose and purple Lisianthus with a mysterious eggplant on the side. The vase used is silver


Rich purple Vanda orchid paired with lilac rose and purple Lisianthus with a mysterious eggplant on the side. The vase used is silver


Approximately 12” W x 11” H



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