A Floral Amalgam

People love to receive flowers, and we know this very well at Mahir Floral & Event Designs in NYC. Since we are in the business of flowers, we are constantly offering fantastic options for our customers. At any time of the year, we are available to offer the best in floral arrangements.

What is the Floral Amalgam

The Floral Amalgam is a design that we are proud of. It consists of an array of fall blossoms with leaves that create a very wonderful arrangement. Since it is set in a low vase, it makes an ideal addition to any room. It can be placed on tables or bookcases for an excellent decor addition. The arrangement’s dimensions are 11” W x 8” H so people love it and it is reasonably priced at $225.00.

Gorgeous Flowers

Our gorgeous choices for flowers are truly noticed and favorably recognized. With the special blend of the right types and colors, our floral arrangements are always admired. With the Floral Amalgam, you’ll love the pinks, purples, and other subdued shades that we include with this particular order. This arrangement is as fragrant as it is beautiful making it a very popular choice.

Our Company’s Mission

We want to please our customers with our exceptional products and topnotch services at all times. With an easy and safe ordering process, you will know that your information will be kept confidential. You don’t have to worry about your information being stolen, copied or shared at any time. When we send our floral arrangements, they are packaged correctly for safe delivering. You will feel confident knowing that your special person will receive the flowers in excellent condition.

Customer Service

Our customer service is top-of-the-line. We will answer any questions that you might have. If you have any questions about our company or our flowers, you can contact us for the information that you need. Our staff members are eager to help in any way. They are professionals that love what they do and they will be able to offer you suggestions. They are always willing and able to assist you with anything that you need so be sure to contact us when you need to.

When To Give This Type of Floral Arrangement

We have customers that order this particular arrangement for all sorts of occasions. They send them for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special events throughout the year. Many people love to send them to their bosses or another person that they know is celebrating something special. There are many opportunities that will present themselves for the ultimate time to send this type of floral arrangement.

Call Now to Order

Contact Mahir Floral & Events Designs today at (212) 686-1999 so that you will be able to pick out just the right touch for someone you care about. Our staff members are always willing and able to assist you so that you can have the opportunity to pick the right floral arrangement for any occasion that presents itself. We’re the company that you can trust in NYC with floral arrangements that will amaze you.

Floral Amalgam : A blend of fall blooms and leaves in a low vase


A blend of fall blooms and leaves in a low vase.


Approximately 11” W x 8” H




Dear Customers, we are still working hard to stock up full variety of flowers and vases.

In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.