• purple and red floral arrangement

Choose The Optical Illusion Floral Arrangement

If you’re looking for a beautiful arrangement that will have a strong impact, the Optical Illusion is an excellent choice. This stunning arrangement features gorgeous flowers, including lisianthus, orchids, and dogwood loops. While there are flowers protruding from the vase, you can also see them at the bottom of the vase, which gives this arrangement a lot of visual interest. 

The Perfect Centerpiece 

If you’re interested in wedding flowers, you might find that this arrangement is a smart choice. Because it has such an unusual appearance, it can make an excellent centerpiece. If you’re using similar shades as your wedding colors, you’ll love the look that this centerpiece creates. 

This is a dramatic arrangement that can really catch people’s attention, but it isn’t overpowering. It can be a wonderful option for all kinds of formal events. When you have flowers like these on your table, you’ll really be able to make a statement. 

A Romantic Gift 

If you’re trying to show a special someone how much you care about them, why not send this arrangement their way? This can be a wonderful gift. The flowers are beautifully arranged and are perfect to display. They will also last for a very long time. 

If you’re interested in sending these flowers to someone, you’ll be pleased to know that online flower delivery is an option. You’ll even be able to choose same-day delivery if you’re in NYC. When you send someone flowers like this, you’ll be able to make a big impression. 

A Gorgeous Arrangement 

Flowers are a wonderful gift for all kinds of occasions. However, if you’re going to be giving someone flowers, you may not want to opt for an ordinary bouquet. Instead, you’ll want to give them something that is a little bit more memorable. 

All of our bouquets are arranged by an expert florist, including the Optical Illusion bouquet. If you want to give someone flowers that they’ll never forget, this is a wonderful choice. When people see this arrangement, they often find that it takes their breath away. 

A Bouquet And A Vase 

This floral arrangement will arrive in a high-quality vase. You won’t have to worry about where to store the flowers. When it arrives, it will already be ready to display. When you look at everything you’re getting out of this arrangement, you’ll see that it delivers great value for the price. 

Even though these flowers are housed in one vase, you’re essentially getting two separate arrangements in one. It’s hard to argue with a deal like that! You won’t have to purchase anything else when you buy this option. You’ll receive everything that you need. 

Call Now to Order

This is a spectacular floral arrangement that will impress anyone that sees it. Whether you’re looking for an arrangement to give as a gift, buying a centerpiece, or picking out flowers that you’ll display in your own home, the Optical Illusion is something that deserves a closer look. It’s a unique choice that you won’t soon forget! Call us at (212) 686-1999 to order them today!

OPTICAL ILLUSION : One vase, two arrangements. Our unique double-decker vase holds a textural bunch of deep purple lisianthus with dogwood loops on top while purple vanda orchids create a second focal point below

One vase, two arrangements. Our unique double-decker vase holds a textural bunch of deep purple lisianthus with dogwood loops on top while purple vanda orchids create a second focal point below.
Approximately 12” x 26” tall


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