• Twisted floral arrangment

The ultra-special white calla lilies are one of the world’s most refined flowers. These exceptionally beautiful flowers offer an all-encompassing peek into the rare beauty of floral designs when put together by the best.

The gorgeous blend of colors hits all the right notes leaving one in awe of its perfection. This is an arrangement that’s straight from the heart and exudes a sense of passion made to win people over.

Exotic Colors

With the best calla lilies flower arrangement NYC has to offer, it’s the exotic colors that appeal to the heart. Its eggplant-colored base and pristine white edges are a satisfying aesthetic anyone can fall in love with. Noted as one of the more beautiful flowers on the planet, white calla lilies can make the heart sing in many different ways!

These exotic colors are wonderful for expressive love and demonstrating loyalty to your loved ones. Giving this magical floral arrangement is a sign of joy, care, excitement wrapped into one delightful package.

The colors are not only easy on the eyes but also naturally extravagant offering an eye-catching arrangement for you to enjoy.

World-Class Arrangement

This arrangement is delivered with an eye on luxury with its perfect floral choices and exceptionally well-designed vase. The beautiful and enriching selection of lilies will leave one in awe of what the arrangement is all about. Each flower has a uniqueness to it whether it’s the aroma, length, or colors. The details are what give it character and this is what life is all about. This character is what exemplifies the nuances of living and what beautiful floral arrangements should offer.

When this arrangement is presented in the vase, it charms and excites in ways that bring a smile to your face!

Compact Design

With a delicate crystal clear glass vase and beautifully selected flowers, this floral arrangement is all about its compact design. The balance between natural beauty, elegance, and overall sophistication is seen through its design elements. Mahir Floral & Event Design understand the intricacies of white calla lilies and what they’re supposed to offer better than anyone else. The refined colors and vibrant flowers are a refreshing take on modern romance.

These flowers have a spirit of their own and this shows through the appealing design. Whether it’s showing your love or preparing for a beautiful occasion, these floral arrangements are the way to go.

Crystal Clear Glass Vase

While the white calla lilies hold their own in welcoming praise and capturing attention, it’s the crystal clear glass vase that wins hearts. It has a soothing, modern appeal that’s easy to enjoy and works in unison with the flower’s rarity. These flowers are aimed at showcasing your love and magnifying what passion is all about. What better way to demonstrate this emboldened passion than to show it through a crystal clear setup?

It allows the arrangement to take center stage and present itself in the best way possible.

The beautiful colors gently nestle against the vase offering a clear line of sight from all angles. It’s the perfect blend of clarity and vibrant colors.

Romantic Bliss

Romance is in the air when a waft of white calla lilies starts to make the rounds.

The finest calla lilies flower arrangement NYC has to offer are all about the romantic fervor love brings along with it. From the charming colors to the delicate petals, each detail encompasses the very meaning of contemporary romance. It’s the floral arrangement of modern love and it deserves a place in your life.

Its intricate details are a pleasurable sight with each flower ringing true to its dignified self.

The white calla lilies are aesthetically pleasing, easy on the nose and precious in every single way. With the best calla lilies flower arrangement NYC has to offer, you can bring this floral perfection into your life. The magnetic colors, rare details, and overwhelming elegance illustrate the real beauty of lilies.

Allow Mahir Floral & Event Design to offer picture-perfect arrangements with a beautiful blend of flowers. These hand-picked, top of the line flowers demonstrate the emphasis on quality here. These arrangements are crafted with attention to detail and only include the region’s finest white calla lilies as promised.

Twisted Calla Lilies Flower arrangement NYC


Approximately  18” High x 10.5” Wide
3 bunch of purple Calla lilies staged in a modern black vase.

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