A dozen of the most alluring roses can set the heart alight.

These roses have been selected with patience ensuring the arrangement is picture-perfect. With these beautiful roses, the joys of romantic bliss cannot go unnoticed. Each petal is fresh, vibrant, and immaculate in ways never seen before.

Mahir Floral & Event Design takes pride in offering the finest red roses in NYC.

Beautiful Arrangement

The red roses are delicately put together creating a seamless arrangement fit for any romantic gesture. The red roses provide a sense of passion, perfection, and seduction that’s appealing to one and all. Crafted by the hands of floral specialists, these arrangements exude a sense of quality that’s second to none and truly captivating.

With the well-designed arrangement, colorful roses and charming scents, these long-stemmed flowers are simply gorgeous.

Nothing beats grabbing this arrangement and making it your own. The essence of this floral setup is impressive and will leave you with a smile. Buy red roses online NYC has to offer and make use of this arrangement in no time!

Fresh Flowers

Mahir Floral & Event Design recognizes the importance of fresh flowers better than anyone else. These arrangements are customized to meet the individual’s needs and provides the perfect romantic essence. These red roses are some of the best in NYC and look exceptional from top to bottom.

Holding these in your hands and offering them to a loved one can be exciting. Each flower has an essence of its own and that’s what draws people in when they take a peek.

All red roses in this arrangement are picked by the finest experts ensuring the quality is impossible to beat. This includes finding the right colors, aromas, and textures to deliver a great arrangement.

Enticing Aroma

The aroma is captivating and will leave one wanting just a little bit more.

It screams passion, attraction, and love in a way nothing else can. Red roses, when placed in such an inspiring arrangement, can make the heart flutter in love.

This is an opportunity to enjoy everything the perfect arrangement has to offer without spending a lot. These roses are all about pouring your heart out and showing someone what their presence in your life means. It’s thought-provoking, meaningful, and appealing all wrapped into one beautiful arrangement.

Allow the aroma to settle in the air and watch as love takes over. There’s a hidden quality to these long-stemmed red roses that is alluring and magical in every single way.


Want to make sure the red roses are of the highest quality?

This arrangement is wonderful for several reasons and one of them has to do with the hand-picked arrangement. Each red rose is assessed in detail before the right fit is found.

This is done to ensure your passion and love comes to the forefront as soon as the arrangement is in hand. There’s a certain charm associated with modern red roses and this arrangement is all about providing the right feel.

These hand-picked red roses are ideal for any occasion and can make your romantic nature reach new heights. Buy red roses online NYC has to offer and truly appreciate what the right arrangement can do. It’s empowering, refreshing, and simply perfect for your loved one. This is the best way to show you care!


The modern arrangement is a wonderful way to spread joy and love to your significant other. From the rich colors to the magical aroma, there’s a contemporary purity to this arrangement that cannot be stressed enough. it’s one of the more appealing flowers on the planet and has a romantic essence to it that’s impossible to ignore!

These long-stemmed red roses are straight out of a fairytale with their extraordinary colors and impressive textures. Being able to hold one of these beautiful roses in your hands will get the heart racing. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate everything a gorgeous arrangement has to offer in the modern age.

When it’s time to buy red roses online NYC has to offer, this beautiful arrangement is the way to go. Mahir Floral & Event Design has spent years understanding the nuances of fresh arrangements and makes sure these roses are in line with your expectations. When it comes to planning the perfect romantic gesture, there’s nothing better than this.

You & Me Buy Red Roses Online NYC - You & Me


A stunning contemporary arrangement of dozen long stemmed red roses to brighten up your loved one’s day.

Approximately 20” High x 7” Long x 7” wide


Dear Customers, we are still working hard to stock up full variety of flowers and vases.

In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.