5 Questions to Ask Your New York Wedding Florist

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While you plan the perfect ceremony and reception, there is one factor to consider early in your preparation process — the wedding florist. As you begin researching the best florists that can transform your venue into a beautiful wonderland, we have prepared a list of five essential questions to ask along with tips to find the right florist.

How Do You Find a Wedding Florist?

Finding the best wedding florist to provide a beautiful venue can take some time, but the outcome greatly outweighs the journey. Recommendations from friends, other married couples, and online reviews are the best ways to find a trusted wedding florist who can provide the same quality services.

Even a quick Yelp or Google search can give you access to dozens of top-rated wedding florists with feedback from actual clients who would highly recommend specific individuals and companies.

You should pick a florist for a wedding anywhere from six months to a year before the big day to ensure enough time to order the flowers, plan the layout according to the venue, and prepare enough bouquets for the entire wedding party. If you live in a more competitive area, consider picking your florist even further in advance.  

After finding a highly recommended wedding florist within this time frame, you can start the interview process with them to ensure they are the right fit for the ceremony and reception. Emailing a florist for a wedding is the first step to establishing their role in the wedding you’re planning. Reaching out to them can be as simple as introducing yourself and your partner — or your clients if you’re the wedding planner — mentioning the wedding date, the desired theme, and the date you would like to set up an interview.

Interviewing a wedding florist starts with finding a meeting time to go through your list of questions, most of which can come from the suggestions below to help pick the perfect florist.

What Questions Should You Ask a Wedding Florist Before Hiring?

As you sit down with a highly-rated wedding florist, you may be itching to find the right one immediately to cross off one more item on your to-do list. Taking your time to ask the important questions can guarantee a beautiful venue you or your clients will treasure for years. Take some time to get to know the designer better and focus on what information to tell a wedding florist to ensure they are the right fit.

Ask the following questions during the interview to learn more about a wedding florist.

1. Are You Available on Our Wedding Date?

The most important question to ask a wedding florist before your wedding is if their schedule allows them to arrive at your venue on the day of your ceremony. 

Florists will typically prepare flower arrangements, bouquets, and table centerpieces a few days before the celebration and finish setting up the venue on the wedding day. So, ensuring they have a free schedule to offer these services is essential before hiring a wedding florist.

2. How Long Have You Been a Floral Designer?

Experience is everything when working with a wedding florist who can make your service and reception beautiful. When interviewing a highly rated florist, ask about their previous projects to get an example of the flower arrangements they can offer. From this question, you can get an idea of how long they’ve been in the floral design business and the number of weddings they have worked on in the past.

You can also view their portfolio, which highlights their experience and versatility in various wedding themes and locations.

3. How Would You Describe Your Style?

5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist Photo

Wedding florists are artists. They have a specific style that brings their work to life. While some florists specialize in traditional styles, some might prefer unique and modern aesthetics that no other venue has had before. 

Seeing samples of their work can help you visualize your ceremony and reception and guide you toward the perfect florist. Feel free to arrive at the interview with a few styling decisions in mind to see how they can match your visions with their experience and personal style.

4. What Flowers Do You Recommend Based on Our Theme?

One of the best ways to know if a wedding florist is a good fit for your wedding plans is to get their opinion on the perfect flowers that match your theme. 

This question can be open-ended to get an idea of their interpretation of your wedding’s aesthetic. The florist may give you multiple recommendation ideas that resemble a deeper meaning, match your color scheme, or accentuate your venue’s architecture and style.

5. Have You Worked at My New York Wedding Venue?

In some cases, you may find that the wedding florist has experience working at your wedding venue, giving them a direct advantage when planning the perfect flower arrangements. They should know the layout well enough to prepare the centerpieces and other floral designs that work perfectly with the venue’s architecture and lighting for a beautiful service.

If they have yet to work at your chosen wedding venue, not to worry! Starting from scratch with a new location can give the wedding florist more creative freedom to transform the designated space into an unforgettable area everyone can admire.

Additional Questions About Their Pricing, Logistics, and Process

After glancing at their previous work and seeing how they can make your wedding day stand out, wrap up your interview by going into the details of wedding planning. Wedding florists offer different pricing and services depending on their work and location. 

With the following questions added to your list of essential topics to cover, you can get answers from the wedding florist that give you a complete idea of the services you will receive and the price you can expect to pay. These questions to ask include:

  • Do you offer any other support with setup or decorative items?
  • What are the best ways to maximize our budget?
  • How do you assist with day-of logistics?
  • Do you handle breakdown at the end of the night?
  • Are there any additional fees?

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5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist Photo

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