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Mahir Floral & Event Designs is home to dozens of high-end luxury flower arrangements, designed for everything from weddings to corporate conferences to elegant dinner parties at home. Whenever you have an upcoming event, we want to help you decorate your space. If you work in an office or retail setting, we want to help you there, too. 

When you can't find the perfect arrangement to fit your needs, talk to us about creating custom flower arrangements. Our team of florists has years of experience creating unique, memorable displays that everyone will appreciate.

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Designer's Choice Floral Arrangements

When considering ordering custom flowers, you may want to provide our florists with some information regarding your preferences, such as:

  • Flower type: Perhaps the most obvious choice you have is flower type. If you or your recipient has a preference for sunflowers or roses, you'll want to make sure they're included in the arrangement.
  • Colors: Maybe you need your arrangements to match a specific color scheme. If you're ordering arrangements for a corporate event, you may want to use them to show off your brand's colors. You could also choose your favorite colors to create a stunning display you'll covet for as long as possible.
  • Event theme: Many big events, like weddings and conferences, have their own themes. If you already have a theme in mind, let our florists know. We want to hear all about your inspiration so we can make your arrangements fit in seamlessly.
  • Location: Will your arrangements be in a big lobby with high ceilings or a small, intimate room with less space? Having an idea of where your flowers will be located will let us know how big your arrangement should be and which variety will complement the space best.

If you're still completely unsure of what arrangement you want, consider our Designer's Choice options. You can choose from three design tiers, with $100, $200, and $300 options. Choose one that fits your price range and our florists will put their creativity to the test, designing a perfectly unique arrangement that's sure to be the talk of your office or event.

Delivery for Custom Flower Arrangements

Mahir Floral & Event Designs offers delivery services for our custom flower arrangements. If you live in NYC, including Manhattan, we can even complete same-day deliveries. Whether you've forgotten about an upcoming event or something last-minute has come up, we'll make sure that you have the beautiful arrangements you need to make it a night to remember.

Our custom arrangements are perfect for both one-time events and consistent displays. We'll be happy to help you decorate for a party and we're just as eager to give you weekly flower deliveries with the most beautiful displays we can come up with. If you work in an office or In the hospitality industry, consider setting up weekly rotational flowers, too.

Order Custom Designer Flower Arrangements Near You

When you need gorgeous, incomparable displays, Mahir Floral & Event Designs can help. Call us at 212-686-1999 or complete our contact form below and we'll respond within 1-2 business days.

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