Floral Services for Restaurants & Hotels in New York

Our team truly understands the nature and the needs of the hospitality industry. Arrangements must always look perfect, response time must be quick, and service must be exceptional. Special requests are gladly received and our goal is to help your team give every guest a beautiful experience.

When your hotel lobby or restaurant dining area needs a touch of color or lovely, calming fragrances, Mahir Floral & Event Designs is here to supply you with the best high-end arrangements in New York City. Our hotel and restaurant delivery services will ensure your space looks relaxed and refined every day you’re open.

Why Order Hotel Floral Service?

While flowers may not be your first thought when it comes to decorating, the fact remains that in many hospitality businesses, they’re essential. The right floral arrangements can do a lot of work for you, allowing you to:

  • Show off your style: Your brand exudes elegance and extravagance — or maybe your style is more about family-friendliness, excitement or comfort. Whatever it is, our flowers will help set the mood. You already know how much design can influence your clientele, and one decor element, like the perfectly placed arrangement, can be the finishing piece that invites everyone in.
  • Improve brand awareness: A high-end arrangement from Mahir Floral & Event Designs marks the perfect place for an impromptu photo-op! When groups or families want a way to mark the occasion of their night out or vacation, direct them to the most beautiful place in your building. Since many people post their excursions on social media, a beautiful post is free advertising that just might bring a bigger crowd to your doors.
  • Enhance wellbeing: Your employees, guests, and everyone else who walks through your business will benefit from even a couple of luxury floral displays. As humans, we crave to be connected with nature and satisfying that craving leads to less stress, improved moods, and more. People will begin to associate your hotel or restaurant with serenity and beautiful views, making them much more likely to return for more.

When a few arrangements can do so much, it seems obvious that they should make their way into all your future decorating schemes.

Buy Restaurant Flower Arrangements for Delivery

When you partner with Mahir Floral & Event Designs for your hotel or restaurant’s flowers, you’re signing up for your lobby or seating areas to have the best floral arrangements at all times. Tell us about your space and preferences, and we’ll set up a regular delivery service so your flowers look fresh and new every day. Whether you want a new display every week or simply a refresh on your current displays, our expert florists will get the job done and deliver them straight to your door.

For most places that enter these services, our weekly rotational flowers work perfectly. And when you have VIP guests and big events, we’ll step up our game so that you can impress everyone with your luxury arrangements.

Order Flower Arrangements for Restaurants and Hotels in NYC

Learn more about our products and custom arrangement services today by calling 212-686-1999 or contacting us online. Our experienced florists will be happy to cater to your needs and create showstopping pieces that bring more and more patrons inside. Whether you’ve got a major event lined up or you’re hoping to embellish your existing decor, Mahir Floral & Event Designs is the place to get started.

call us at 212.686.1999 to elevate your designs with unique floral arrangements.


Dear Customers, we are still working hard to stock up full variety of flowers and vases.

In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.