Event Planning for Dinner Parties & Social Events in New York

The experienced florists at Mahir Floral & Event Designs want to ensure that every event you have is carefully curated and immaculately decorated. Our flower arrangements for dinner parties, birthdays, and other social events can help you get there. With same-day delivery options for our NYC clients, any night can turn into a lovely get-together in an instant. Simply let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

How Do You Choose Flowers For an Event?

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best flowers for your event takes a little more than deciding on the prettiest arrangement. Keep these things in mind so you select the best display for your next event.

Stay in Season

Perhaps one of the most popular pieces of advice for choosing luxury flowers for your event is that they should be in season. Looking at in-season flowers while you’re in the planning stage ensures you’re picking ones that will be in stock and stay within your budget. Out-of-season flowers tend to be more expensive due to the extra labor that goes into preparing them.

Consider Your Venue

How big is your venue? What kind of furniture and decor does it have? Are the tables long and narrow, short and high, or circular? These are the kinds of questions you should ask when choosing floral arrangements for your events. The answer to them can determine whether you need something big and grandiose or delicate and unassuming.

Not sure what other questions you should ask? Mahir Floral & Event Designs can offer common questions for event planning. Our expert team is happy to help you decide which of our stunning arrangements will fill the space you’re in best. For the best display of floral elegance, consider our full-service design option, so that we can fully decorate your venue to accentuate them best.

Consider Your Event

Many large events have a theme or color palette the host uses to decorate. If you have one, this can be an easy way of narrowing down your flower decoration options. If your party has a rustic theme, for example, small, simple choices might make the most impact, while they’d hardly be noticed at a red-carpet night.

If you’re having a smaller get-together, like a dinner party at home, you may not have a theme to set your flower arrangements to. However, the size and existing color palette of your dining room, sitting room, or the entire house can lead you toward the best options.

Trust Your Instincts

Finally, trust your gut when making your choice. If you’re throwing a birthday party, reunion or another celebratory event, you’ve probably already ignored the sympathy arrangements or particularly dark ones – unless that’s what your party is into. Let your instincts help you narrow your options until you’re left with an easy choice!

Luxury Flowers at Mahir Floral & Event Designs

Our team has spent years designing hundreds of arrangements to fit your needs. When you’re exploring our options for your next event, these collections are a great place to get started:

  • Floral Collection: The Floral Collection features classic flowers with a modern twist, making them an excellent addition as a floral centerpiece for any dining table. They’re eye-catching conversation starters without taking up the whole table, and your guests will certainly be wondering where you got such a unique arrangement.
  • Grandeur Collection: Be bold and beautiful with the Grandeur Collection. These displays are full of bright colors, large sprays, and exquisite vases. Just one arrangement can light up the whole room, but why stop there? Your choices from this collection are sure to be the showstopping centerpiece of any event.
  • Seasonal collections: We offer two collections for our most popular seasons – the Spring Collection and the Holiday Collection. If you’re having a holiday party or looking forward to the change of the seasons, these festive displays are a perfect choice.
  • Gourmet Gifts: If you’re hosting a smaller, more intimate event, you might also consider exploring our Gourmet Gifts. These collections of fruits, artisanal snacks, and a few precious blooms are the perfect appetizer, dessert, or post-dinner grazing board that will be a hit with any guest. And it’s one less thing you have to prepare yourself!

Find Floral Decorations for Your Party Today

If you’re ready to host the most sensational party in town, contact Mahir Floral & Event Designs today. Our team will make sure you get exactly what you need to beautify and enhance your venue.

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