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    Weekly Rotational Flower Delivery Service

    “The earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Flowers are an excellent way to show someone you care about them. Delivering a stunning bouquet to a loved one shows that you've remembered an important date or you're thinking of them. However, weekly flower delivery can be a great way to enhance any space with flowers. 

    Showing consistent appreciation through your loved one's favorite flowers can take your relationship to the next level. Even businesses can benefit from decorating their spaces with beautiful blooms. It shows your employees and customers that you want them to have a pleasant work environment.

    Surrounding yourself with stylish fresh flowers in your home and office is not only a way to enjoy nature’s beauty. At Mahir Floral & Event Designs, our designers will create a unique style each week based on your preferences and particular space. 

    Our weekly and monthly flower delivery services cover dozens of New York City businesses and homes. Some common places people display our floral arrangments include:

    • Storefronts: Floral displays are an excellent way to catch people’s attention. They’ll see your name and remember it for the future, or they’ll come shop immediately! 
    • Home offices and shared spaces: Whether you work from home or in a public office, flowers can be an excellent conversation starter between employees or visiting guests. They are also proven to promote innovation and ideas and help employee health and retention!
    • Home foyers: Weekly flower delivery can ensure your home is ready for company at a moment’s notice.

    The benefits of keeping flowers in your indoor space are well documented. Some popular reasons people choose floral arrangments in their decor are:

    • Improving mood: Plants are an excellent mood booster. Receiving them is a nice surprise, and spending time around plants fulfills a human need to be around nature, which can help us feel more positive throughout the day.
    • Reducing stress: You likely experience some stress nearly every day, especially at work. Studies show that a connection to nature can reduce stress levels and evoke feelings of calmness.
    • Boosting creativity: Similar studies have shown that a bit of greenery in indoor spaces can engage the creative and problem-solving parts of your brain, leading to more inspiration, better ideas, and incredible outcomes.
    • Having something to care for: As a busy adult, you might not have time to take care of a plant. Most plants are quite simple to maintain, especially when we replace them every week. The most you’ll have to do is ensure they have enough water to thrive. And if you choose one of our succulent or cacti options, you might not even have to do that between our visits.
    • Adding color to your space: Most public indoor spaces have muted colors, bright lights, tile floors, and hard walls. Using plants as decor can add some much-needed softness to the building, providing a better balance that makes most people more comfortable.
    • Having something nice to smell: Fresh flowers smell fantastic! Having some flowers nearby creates a light, pleasant scent that can last for days and brighten up any home or office. 

    Every home or office is different. Therefore, the perfect arrangement for your loved one or business needs will depend on the space’s already existing aesthetic and how you hope to influence the space. Our products include dozens of types of flowers in hundreds of specialty arrangements. We have the arrangement to suit whatever style you prefer.

    Some of our most popular weekly arrangments come from these collections:

    • Floral Collection: These classic arrangments are some of our most popular choices, featuring swirling greens around seasonal blooms and gorgeous vases to display them. The eye-catching beauties are sure to draw attention to your office or make your recipient feel so special that they’ll call in their thanks instantly.
    • Spring Collection: As the time of rebirth comes to NYC, these gorgeous pastels and vibrant displays add a light, playful atmosphere to any room. When you’re looking for an energetic display, let these flowers revive your space.
    • Holiday Collection: When the fall and winter holidays approach, what’s better than decorating your space with festive cheer? Our holiday collection features arrangements with bright reds and deep greens. Or, you can gear up for winter with birch whites and silvers instead!
    • Succulents and Cacti: For the greenest, most low-maintenance display possible, check out our selection of beautiful succulents and cacti. These plants might not bloom, but they certainly add a memorable pop of color that is easier to keep alive.
    • Designer’s Choice: Can’t decide what you want? Let our team take care of it! Simply let us know what your price range is, and we’ll create a custom arrangement that fits your needs.

    Order Weekly Flower Delivery Services in NYC

    Mahir Floral & Event Designs has got the weekly delivery system down. Whether you want the same flowers every week or a new design each time, we'll make sure you get your delivery when it works for you. Call us at 212-686-1999 to confirm the delivery details, then let us reach your office and set up a stunning array that every passerby will notice.

    If you're exploring options for weekly flower deliveries near you, choose a business that will consider your style, design fresh arrangements, attract new business, and encourage new leads daily. Mahir Floral & Event Designs is your weekly flower delivery service in NYC, and we can't wait to work with you. Contact us today to get started.

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