Should I Send Flowers to Her Work?

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While some people enjoy receiving flowers at work because it shows the sender is thinking of them, others may prefer not to have attention on them. When you’re thinking of preparing surprise flowers at work for your significant other, make sure you know beforehand if she will accept them.

Some aspects to consider to help you determine if you should send her flowers at work include:

Relationship Length

The length and depth of your relationship play a role in your decision to send flowers to your partner’s workplace. If you haven’t been dating for long, she may not want her coworkers to know about her relationship yet, so sending flowers may not be the best choice. However, if you’ve been together for a while and know she and her coworkers wouldn’t mind a flower delivery, you could send a bouquet.

Personal Preferences

Before sending flowers to your special someone at work, consider her preferences. She may prefer to avoid attracting attention at work, and a flower delivery would do the opposite. If you know your significant other doesn’t mind attention, then delivering a beautiful bouquet could be a grand romantic gesture.


The occasion for sending flowers also matters. You could plan a flower delivery to her workplace for a special event, such as Valentine’s Day, an anniversary celebration, or her birthday. Consider what occasions are most important to your partner before sending flowers.

Work Environment

Flower deliveries to workplaces depend on your partner’s work environment, as well. If she works in a typical office setting with her own desk or office, she likely has a place to display the flowers. If she works in retail or a place where she doesn’t have her own space, it may be harder for her to accept flowers because there would be nowhere to put them during her shift.

Plus, flower deliveries may not be acceptable due to the company’s policies and the kind of work she does, such as research in a lab.

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should you have flowers delivered to their workplace?