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Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

What to Do When Someone Dies: A Quick Guide to Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

When someone close to you or your family dies, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly how to offer your condolences and to let the bereaved know that you care. The traditional and expected way of showing sympathy, however, is to send a beautiful arrangement. Finding the right floral shop can be overwhelming, and if you’ve found yourself searching for any and all shops “near me,” it’s time to save yourself time and stress.

At your Manhattan local flower shop Mahir Floral Design & Events, our floral staff offers same-day delivery of beautiful Sympathy & Funeral arrangements that can be delivered to the bereaved’s home or directly to the funeral home of your choice. In addition to offering some of the best blooms in NYC, the florists at Mahir offer an attentive and knowledgeable customer service experience to help you select the perfect gift for the people in your life who are grieving. When death hits your family or workplace unexpectedly, the only thing you can do is be present with those in need. Add a little extra comfort and symbol of your care by sending a Mahir bouquet.

Read on to learn how you can stop searching for floral shops “near me” and order flowers online from Mahir. Follow our four quick tips for selecting Sympathy and Funeral flowers — and then call to place your order!

Tip #1: Contact Your Florist Immediately

As soon as you hear about the death, you’ll want to contact Mahir Floral here in NY. We offer the finest Sympathy & Funeral bouquets and arrangements that can be delivered the same day you call. That first call will get you started with a consultation and will secure your spot on our delivery calendar. Arrangements for funerals move very quickly, and we are designed to be responsive in shipping across the city and the USA. We ship to services and homes in Manhattan, but also in the broader NYC area. Best of all, all of our flowers come with our “Always On Time Free” guarantee — so know that if we are late, you won’t pay. It’s never been easier to have peace of mind as you send flowers.

Tip #2: Set a Budget

Your budget is a topic that you’ll need to discuss before you can really get started on selecting the flowers. Set your budget so that you know what you’re comfortable spending and so that your floral designer knows the blooms that are on and off limits. You don’t want to send an arrangement of the most expensive roses if you really can’t afford that. Your Mahir florist can help you make the best choice within your budget and produce fast, easy & affordable flowers — including flowers available same day delivery — that will honor the deceased. You don’t want to spend hours in a flower shop in New York City when you easily can call Mahir. We can ship anywhere across New York City and the country. So let our staff know your budget, and we will work within that to get you the flowers you will feel proud to present to the bereaved.

Tip #3: Give Your Florist a Sense of Who the Flowers Are Memorializing

This is an important step in your relationship with your local flower shop. The flowers that you buy can memorialize the deceased in a special way. Your florist is prepared to listen. Did the deceased love pink garden roses? Was he a fan of sunflowers? Or maybe it was a certain color palette that he or she loved. The more you can tell your NYC florist about the person you are trying to honor, the better the final arrangement will turn out. So take a few minutes to talk about the person’s life. At Mahir, our team will listen with empathy and understanding. Our goal is to tell a story with the flowers you entrust our staff to send.

Sympathy & Funeral Flowers
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Tip #4: Keep Up the Communication

We recognize that one call or email may not be enough. We want to get it just right for the bereaved, so feel free to continue the conversation with our floral staff even after you have placed your order. In addition, please feel free to let your consultant know what you thought of the flowers once you see them at the funeral home or hear back from the bereaved.

When you buy and send flowers, you want them to be perfect for those enduring a loss. Our designers love what they do, and take care with each arrangement. Selecting the blooms for your special order is one way we can honor those special people in your life who are going through so much hardship, and so we aim to please them. We’re not happy unless you are. As your local flower shop in Manhattan, we want to provide the very best service to you during this difficult time, so please call or email in the weeks after the funeral to let us know about your experience.

Ready to Buy Your Fresh NYC Funeral and Sympathy Flowers?

At Mahir Floral, we arrange flowers for funerals and bereaved families in Manhattan and the broader New York City region every single day. As florists, we consider this an honor. You don’t have to spend hours searching for flower businesses “near me.” We understand how difficult this can be in a place like NYC. Instead, choose a local flower shop that can deliver the flowers you need, including same-day delivery, and will listen to you every step of the way. If there is any time that a floral arrangement can tell someone “You matter, you are near me, I care,” it is leading up to a funeral. So call today and learn more about how our floral designers can help you select the very best blooms that say I care.

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