Order Flower arrangement in NYC For Mother’s Day

Looking for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Send Flowers! NYC Flower Shop

Mother’s Day is approaching — and now is the time to act to make sure your NYC Mom has that special gift on her special day. No need to search the web for “near me” floral shops anymore. Let Mahir Floral & Events Design help you!

As a local flower shop here in Manhattan, we’re ready to show you what our team of incredible florists can do for the special mothers and mother figures in your life. We offer some of New York City’s best deals, including same day delivery, combined with some of the most special bouquets. If you’re looking to make Mom’s day, look no further than our shop. Order flowers online today to ensure the perfect gift on Mother’s Day!

PLUS: Read on to get our five simple tips for ordering your fresh, beautiful floral arrangement in NYC today:

Tip #1: Consider Your Mother’s Favorite Colors

If you’re looking for the finest bouquets and floral arrangements for Mother’s Day, Mahir Floral can help you select blooms that will make Mom smile. The first step, especially if you’re not sure what flowers your Mom would like, is to consider your mother’s favorite colors. From there, our florist can recommend gorgeous flowers that match her color palette.

For example, if your mother loves purple — our Mother’s Day bouquets might feature beautiful lavender roses, deep purple orchids and plum carnations. If your mother is more into bolder hues, we can create a more artistic design that combines bright tropical flowers. We like to make every flower arrangement we design one that is unique and special for the recipient. We know how special moms want and need to feel on their day, and the right flowers can communicate that. At Mahir, we can suggest the perfect palette when you want to send flowers in NYC. Start the conversation with your florist and see where you land together.

purple calla lily NYC

Tip #2: Factor in Scent

Secondly, when you want to send flowers from Mahir’s local flower shop, you want to factor in the scent of the flowers. This is also something your florist can help you determine. If you know Mom is not going to be pleased with a really pungent aroma, then you want to steer clear of flowers that set off a perfume-like smell. For example, gardenias and jasmine each are gorgeous flowers but have very strong aromas. You’ll want to buy more subtle-smelling blooms on Mother’s Day if Mom isn’t into powerful fragrances. Consult with your Mahir florist for the best choices before you buy.

Tip #3: Plan Ahead If You Can

Mother’s Day can be a hectic time in the floral world, so if you’re planning on sending an arrangement and you want the option of specific blooms, you’ll want to plan ahead sooner than the actual day. Of course, Mahir offers same day delivery throughout NYC, including Manhattan, broader New York City and New York state. And that’s when it will really pay off to have a local flower business “near me.” We also can ship flowers throughout the country. But to make sure we can execute your vision, please try to plan ahead. We want to be the local flower shop you keep coming back to, and we’ll do everything possible to make your ideal arrangement happen whether we have a week or you request same day delivery. And, best of all: If back all of our arrangements by our promise “Always on Time Free.” That means if we don’t show up when we say we will, the flowers are free!

pink rose NYC

Tip #4: Ask All of Your Questions

We hear it all the time: You’re searching for the best “near me” flower shop with fast, easy & affordable arrangements. But you’re busy with work and family. You need to make a decision soon, but it all feels so overwhelming. You’re going to buy from someone, and we want to be your New York City go-to. Whether you are in Manhattan or greater NY, we are ready to help, so we encourage you to call or email to let our staff know a little bit about that special Mom in your life and what you want to communicate to her through your flowers on Mother’s Day. We will take it from there. And remember, Mom can live anywhere in the USA. We will get her arrangement to her on her special day!

Tip #5: Snap a Photo & Share

Finally, once you buy a Mahir flower bouquet, we want you to let the floral design team know what you thought of the finished product. Our Manhattan-based florist takes pride in executing your vision and our larger local flower shop team would love to hear your feedback. So don’t forget to take a photo of your flowers and tag Mahir Floral on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching for the tag @MahirFloral.

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

Ready to Buy the Best Manhattan Flowers?

If you’ve been delaying the purchase of that special gift for Mom, now is the time to start planning. With a week left — the very best blooms can be on their way just in time. If you’re ready to move forward with your vision for Mom on her day, then give Mahir a call today to talk to one of our designers. You’ll find top-notch floral designers, the most beautiful selection of flowers and the customer service you expect when you place an order with Mahir.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we are the local flower shop that can help you. Whether you’ve got a week or you need same day delivery, we’re gearing up to give you the best blooms in the city. Don’t search for floral shops “near me” any longer. You’ve found your match at Mahir, so get your ordered started today. We’re ready to help!

A Guide to Finding the Best Flower Delivery Service in NYC

Sure, there are plenty of options out there that make great romantic gifts for valentine’s day. This year, you’re looking for a gift that reminds you of your significant other and how special they are. You’ve decided to ditch corny valentine’s day gifts and instead go with a bouquet of your sweetheart’s favorite flowers. However, you don’t want just any bouquet; you want the freshest and most gorgeous of them all.

Fortunately, there’s a myriad of floral shops in New York offering fresh flowers every day. Picking the first store you come across won’t do. How do you find the best floral shop in NYC? This guide will help you find the best flower delivery services in NYC and light the way to your loved one’s heart.

Ask Friends, Family & Co-workers For Their Recommendations

New York City is ever busy, and walking through its streets can be a total nightmare. Rather than struggle roaming from Lexington Avenue to First Avenue or any other street looking for a floral shop, ask for recommendations. Talk to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family and ask them which store they consider to be the best flower delivery in New York.

Use Social Media

Social media is all about connecting and sharing experiences. People will post pictures of food from their favorite restaurants and share their feeling with the world; the same applies to floral stores. Use social media and the reviews people leave on the platforms to find the best flower delivery in town.

Read Reviews And Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials help you narrow down your options for popular floral delivery options. Customer reviews are honest and will paint a clear picture of what to expect. If you’re having trouble choosing between two options, ask for referrals and contact previous clients to find out what they have to say concerning the floral store.

Best Flower Delivery NYC

Check Local Papers, Magazines, And Blogs

The search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift need not be a hassle. Want to make things fun and exciting? Consider reading some of the top NYC lifestyle magazines and publications. Get the BELLA New York Magazine or the New York Times Magazine and see what they have to say about this year’s Valentine’s Day and the best place to shop for flowers. You can also read local blogs for more information. Local publications are a treasure trove of honest and correct information, and the writers will often reveal all the hidden gems including the best flower delivery NYC. This makes them an excellent way to find the best of anything, including local flower delivery services. Plus, they take away the guesswork out of your search for the best flower delivery in New York.

Qualities of a Great Flower Shop

The perfect bouquet on Valentine’s Day doesn’t just increase feelings – it also boosts intimacy in a relationship. That’s why you need to make sure that the flower shop you work with will go above and beyond when preparing and delivering the flowers. With so many shops being labeled as the ‘Best in town,’ how do you distinguish a great flower shop from a knockoff?

Here are the qualities of a great flower shop:

Fresh Products

Fresh flowers are fantastic. Wilted flowers are not. A great flower store will always have a vast supply of flowers and will strive to go above and beyond to provide fresh products. Look for ways to care for the flowers and keep them fresh longer.

Delivery Process

When looking at the delivery process, consider the following questions:

  • How are the flowers delivered?
  • Who delivers the flowers?
  • Are there extra charges for different forms of delivery?

Valentine’s day flowers shouldn’t be delivered like mail. The delivery should make a statement of love. The best flower shops make sure to deliver the flowers you select in a stylish arrangement. They’ll also ensure deliveries occur on time.

Work with a florist that has a rep for making deliveries on time and also provides same-day deliveries. This way, your sweetheart will receive the flowers on time.

Best Flower Delivery NYC

Personalized Services

On Valentine’s Day, sparks are in the air, butterflies are in the stomach, and love is in the heart. Pick flowers that match your partner’s personality and have the florist arrange them in a unique and special arrangement.

Excellent Customer Services

Excellent customer service makes a shopping experience great and provides you with peace of mind. The best floral shop in NYC will be passionate, open to answering all your questions, and will work to understand your needs.

An Enchanting New Flower Shop Website In Chelsea New York

An Enchanting New Flower Shop Website In Chelsea New York

Mahir Floral & Event Designs, an exquisite new flower shop website in Chelsea New York, has opened its online doors to the public and is ready to not only meet but greatly surpass clients’ expectations. Offering a wide range of floral services, an exceptional eye for creativity and a passion for beauty which would surely be hard to rival, we are delighted to provide you with more details on this new flower shop website in Chelsea New York.

An Enchanting New Flower Shop Website In Chelsea New York

Daily deliveries are part and parcel of the services on offer at Mahir Floral & Event Designs, so whether it’s an expression of true love, a thank you to someone special, or a beautifully crafted bouquet for no reason other than to put a smile on someone’s face, clients can rest assured that all of the gifts created here are crafted with passion and style to truly reflect the occasion.

Of course, there are so many stunning flowers to choose from that it would be a great shame to only enjoy the beauty and inspiration that several provide. That is likely why Mahir offers a weekly rotational flower service. Well aware of the benefits that come with surrounding oneself with flowers, whether at home or in the office, coupled with a desire to showcase the mesmerizing variety of floral delights that our beautiful planet earth offers, this service allows clients to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired each and every week. The personal preferences and style of each individual client are carefully analyzed, allowing the designers to create a weekly floral masterpiece with the potential to take their client’s breath away.

Corporate events, as well as retail needs,  are also very well catered for at Mahir Floral & Event Designs. The right choice, style, and design of flowers can quickly transform a corporate event that has a mediocre factor into one that really has the wow factor. As an extra useful note, clients can also take advantage of an additional event service offered by Mahir which includes furniture, linen, draping, and lighting rentals, making it an ideal one-stop shop for many of a client’s corporate event needs.

Retailers will also find https://mahirfloralevents.com/ an exquisite choice when it comes to window dressings. Of course, any great retailer knows that the impact of a well-dressed and eye-catching window can be the making or breaking of the success of the business. To really give retailers the edge when it comes to their window display, Mahir collaborates with Visual Merchandising teams to create something that offers a unique, attention-grabbing and cutting-edge pull for potential customers walking by.

Indeed, the rich floral bouquet of the wonderful planet we get to call home is something we should all be embracing, enjoying and using to the full. It takes a floral designer with great passion, impressive skill, and vast knowledge to be able to transform this rich bouquet into a display which boasts innovation, creativity, and uniqueness. Certainly, it would seem that Mahir Floral and Event Designs is determined to deliver on all of these expectations and exceed them in a beautiful and enchanting manner.

Name Of The Businesses: Mahir Floral & Event Designs

Address: 156 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001

Phone Number: (212) 686-1999

Email: Info@mahirfloralevents.com

Website: https://mahirfloralevents.com/

Owner: Abu

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qEaFQp1dA4

You can also see their new location on Google Maps at: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mahir+Floral+%26+Event+Designs/@40.74684,-73.992972,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x9e53991254f2ad13!8m2!3d40.7468402!4d-73.9929724?hl=en-US








10 Flower Arrangement Tips

Updated: Aug. 26, 2022

10 Flower Arrangement Tips For You In 2018 are you a florist at heart? Do you want your flowers to last long? We will look for some of the tips and tricks to make your flowers look as fresh and lovely as the first day you had them. Here are 10 flower arrangement tips to make them last longer and also have a polished touch.

1. Water Does The Magic

One of the 10 flower arrangement tips is to add water. As soon as you get home, put the flowers in the water. You can fill the bucket with water and add some floral preservatives, then put your flowers in it.

2. Cut The Stems Off

Using a sharp knife, cut off the stems. You could remove an inch or so, especially if the flowers will stay a while before being arranged. They should be cut at a 45-degree angle to give them more surface area when they are placed in the vases. This step will help the stems absorb water better.

3. The Temperature Of The Water

Warm water will help the flowers with closed heads fully open. You could leave them there for maybe a day or more.

4. Use Foam

You should use the foam from the florist to keep the flowers you have in place and make sure that they are hydrated all through. Soak them in that foam for about twenty minutes before cutting them to make them fit in a container. You should water that foam after a few days.

5. Opt For Seasonal Flowers

If you want to save money while making a flower arrangement, you should buy the flowers that are in season. It does not make sense to buy those that are not in the season since they are costly and hard to find making you waste your time and money. Seasonal flowers also have a longer shelf life than those that are grown out of season since they are generally not fully developed and come from far away.

6. Stick To One Focal Point

The best part about sticking to one focal point is that your arrangement will not be too cluttered. It may be tempting to choose flowers for a large centerpiece, but it is best to avoid that. To showcase the most when it comes to your arrangement, it is always best to stick to one point.

7. Use Inexpensive Flowers

You could use inexpensive flowers that will still make a big statement. Some of these types include stock, lavender and also succulents. They Are not expensive filler flowers and will do the job. They are also vital when creating flower arrangements due to their nature of independence and low pricing. They also stand on their own as centerpieces which could also work for you. They also require very minimal maintenance, unlike some flowers which will take so much of your time and care on them.

8. Add Flowers, Stem By Stem.

While creating flower arrangements, keep the stems in mind to make them look vibrant and also fresh. You should add any new flowers by their stems while ensuring that they have been placed fully well in the vase and that they are touching the water. Pull off any extra leaves to ensure that the flowers are kept in place and also ensure that the clutter is reduced.

9. Less Is More.

You should stick to the mantra that less is more especially when it comes to flowers. No one wants their arrangements to look too overwhelming and also busy. Having huge displays that are over the top takes away the flower’s beauty and even their natural look. You should ensure that you do not pick any more than five flowers for your arrangement, then you continue building from there. You should spare your wallet and avoid many flowers to make it look not exaggerated and beautiful.

10. Put Your Orchid Plants On Ice.

You could try using ice cubes instead of watering your orchid plants. The slow ice melting makes them grow in slow hydration and prevents them from drowning. Only one ice cube a week is what is needed. For a small plant while a bigger one will need two to three cubes a week.

Making a flower arrangement does not require breaking the bank to do it. From the 10 flower arrangement tips above, you will see that it is simple and requires your careful attention.

10 Flower Arrangement Tips For You In 2018

10 Flower Arrangement Tips For You In 2018


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In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.