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 When you are planning on getting married, flowers can be a difficult thing to order. You have many ideas that you might want to try, but it can also be challenging to settle on a wedding date. The wedding date could change at any time, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more challenging to determine when you will get married. At the same time, you do not want to wait until the last minute to order your flowers. At Mahir Floral Events, we can make this process much easier for you.

 Book A Date In NYC Today |No Booking Fees

When you plan on getting married in New York City, you will pay no booking fees when you work with us. We can prepare to handle the flowers for your wedding, and we will offer flexible dates if your wedding needs to shift or change. We are the experts, and we will make sure that we can accommodate you when you have problems with the wedding. We will not back out, and we will not keep your money. 

 What Can We Create?

 When we work with our local wedding clients, we can create ceremony flowers, bridal bouquets, ceremony flowers, centerpieces & more. We take care of everything, and we will give you a few options that make it easy for you to understand what you can do to make your wedding look fabulous. 

 As we create these designs, we keep them in excellent condition as we prepare for the wedding. If the wedding date moves, we will be sure to follow the flowers safe in the interim. We can provide delivery to NY’s location that you have chosen, and we will go to a different place in the city if you like. We only ask that you stay in touch with us so that we know what to do.

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 We Build Luxury Designs

 We can create the most beautiful designs you have ever seen. You will get all the flowers that you need in any color that you want, and we will use new combinations that might be unique to you. This is a very simple thing to do because we think outside the box. We know what other florists are doing in the area, and we will not copy them.

 We Deliver

 You do not need to lift a finger when you have placed your order for flowers. We make sure that you will get the flowers that you need, and we will bring them to the exact location that you have chosen. Because we have a lot of experience in the industry, we know how to work with other wedding professionals on the big day. We can also provide you with extra flowers that you can take home as keepsakes.

 If you need any information about the flowers, we can provide you with a list of all the beautiful blooms we have chosen. You can tell your guests about the amazing flowers you have chosen, and you can even explain the backstory of each flower.

 We Offer More Than Flowers

 We handle gardening for customers around the city, and that means that we have access to plants, flowers, shrubs, and other beautiful flora that you might want to use as part of your wedding. While we typically use flowers for weddings, we can bring other forms of greenery to the ceremony or reception.

enjoy award winning flowers
enjoy award winning flowers

 How Do We Prepare For The Reception?

 When we have taken care of the ceremony, we also need flowers or greenery for the reception. We can make sure that your reception has flowers or greenery that will match your theme. We can use the flowers found in your bouquet because you want to carry that theme into the reception. We can handle all the centerpieces, and we can provide flowers that will be used to decorate the whole room.

 When you would like to have an extra bouquet to toss at the reception, we can make a duplicate. We can provide flowers for every table, and we can even create centerpieces that allow your guests to take flowers home. 

 We Work Hard To Keep Our Customers Happy 

 When we create our designs, we make sure that we have followed all your instructions. We want our customers to know that they are heard, and we will take as much input as you can give. You can work with us if you have specific needs, and you can ask our team if you are not sure how you should create your floral arrangements.

 Contact Us For Your Wedding Booking

 When you are ready to start working with us, you can set up your booking without any commitments. We charge no fees for booking when you call us at 212.686.1999 or reach out to us at We can answer your questions, put you on the calendar, and explain how we would use flowers or greenery to make your wedding and/or reception look perfect. We can take care of any customers in the New York area, and we will deliver at the exact time that you need. We also ensure that our clients get all the extras they need to walk away with some flowers that were used on their wedding day. At Mahir Floral Events, we want all our brides and grooms to getting married surrounded by a wonderful arrangement of flowers and colors.

Affordable Wedding Flowers

Amazing Way How To Find Affordable Wedding Flowers In NYC Try Right Now

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Where To Get The Most Affordable Wedding Flowers In New York City – Would you like to order flowers for your wedding? This is something that you can do over the phone or in person. You will want to work with a company that can provide all of the flowers and arrangements, plus deliver them on time. Instead of simply having flowers delivered, it might be advantageous to work with a business that can help you with your wedding plans. Not only will they be able to deliver your flower arrangements, but some of them can create custom crafted layouts, using both flowers and plants, that will enhance this special day. Whether you simply need wedding flowers delivered, or if you would like to have help with planning your wedding, this is how you can locate the best flower shop in New York City that can deliver them on time.

Different Types Of Affordable Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers

When a person goes to a flower shop to order flowers for a wedding, they are often unaware of which ones are appropriate. In some cases, the bride may have a better idea of what flowers will be needed, or perhaps the groom may be the expert. For most people, they rely upon the expertise of the flower shop they are purchasing the flower arrangements from, trusting that they will make the right ones. They will also trust this company with a prompt delivery on the day of their wedding, and that they will know about the different types of flowers that are appropriate. The lower types will include roses, tulips, and calla lilies. Others will include hydrangeas, Lily of the Valley, and also the peony. The company that you use should also be aware of the different arrangements that must be made for each person at the wedding.

Flower Arrangements For The Wedding

These will be attached to flower arrangements that will be used during the wedding. This is divided into three separate categories including personal flowers, the ceremony flowers, and the flowers that will be at the reception. Personal flowers will include the bride’s bouquet, her floral crown, and the bouquets held by bridesmaids to name a few. Ceremony flowers will include welcome table and entryway arrangements, alter arrangements, and those that will be on the chairs or pews. The reception flowers include those that will be at the bar, on the cocktail tables, and of course the flowers for the wedding cake. Although there are many more that you could order, this short list shows you how many different options should be available from the flower shop that you contact. If it is a large wedding, and you will need thousands of wedding flowers and hundreds of arrangements, there is no better company to call in New York City than Mahir Floral & Event Designs.

Affordable Wedding Flowers For More Info Just Call Us: (212) 686-1999

Reasons To Use Mahir Floral & Event Designs

This is a large flower shop, one of the most impressive in all of New York City. Located on W. 28th St., it is located close to Midtown, not far from Madison Square Park. This business has been serving the New York City area for many years, and they have impressive clients such as the Library Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel, and even Calvin Klein. It is a business that not only sells flowers, but they have their own design team that can help you with literally any special event that you are planning. In addition to being experts at planning for weddings, you may subsequently want to use them for other events. Not only will they have the flowers and arrangements that you will need, but they can also help you plan for social and corporate events that are coming up.

What Special Events Can They Do For You?

This business can not only handle weddings, but they also offer many different services for both individuals and businesses. For individuals, they offer daily deliveries, but for businesses they offer so much more. They provide weekly rotational flowers for businesses that will need them, and they work directly with restaurants and hotels in the area. They are often considered for social events, corporate events, and are adept at helping people in charge of terrace and garden designs. When the holidays arrive, if you have a business with a display window, having fresh flowers is one of the best solutions for attracting new potential clients. However, if your main objective is to find the best company for providing flowers for your wedding, this is a business you can trust.

Affordable Wedding Flowers

Why You Should Use Them For Your Wedding

Mahir Floral & Event Designs offers full service wedding design services. They understand that each wedding is going to be unique. Their design team has helped a multitude of different clients plan their wedding, regardless of the size, and they do their best to stick within your budget. Whether you are having a small wedding with just 10 people, or if there will be hundreds attending, they can accommodate your needs. They not only have all of the flowers that will be necessary for your wedding, but they are highly skilled at making the best flower arrangements for everyone that will need to have flowers during and after this ceremony.

Other Reasons To Use This Company For Affordable Wedding Flowers

Weddings are not the only large events that they can plan for. If you are in charge of a corporate gathering, a social event involving thousands, or you have a small business in New York City, they can help you out. It is very common for restaurants to have fresh flowers out front, as well as hotels, and they can do weekly rotational flowers if that is what you request. This is of particular interest to businesses during the holidays especially those that have a substantial amount of foot traffic walking by the windows of their store. They can deliver fresh flowers at any time, and by taking advantage of their weekly rotational schedule, your flowers will always look their best and attract more customers.

Affordable Wedding Flowers For More Info Just Call Us: (212) 686-1999

Affordable Wedding Flowers

How To Start Working With Mahir Floral & Event Designs

If you want to start working with this company, their contact information is available on their website. It is recommended that you speak with representatives months before you need them. They are extremely busy, used by many companies all throughout New York City, but they can schedule you in if you contact them early enough. Additionally, depending upon the size of the event you are planning, and the number of flowers and arrangements you will need, they may need several weeks to get everything ready. Rest assured, if you do meet with them several weeks before the event, they will deliver everything on time as planned.

Planning your wedding will likely be one of the most stressful times in your life. You want this to be absolutely perfect. Sending out invitations to family members and friends can be difficult, but it’s even more challenging to plan the catering for that special day. Even if you have a caterer that will be providing all of the food and refreshments, you still need someone to provide all of the flowers. That is why you need to work with a large company like Mahir Floral & Event Designs that will have all of the wedding flowers that you will need. Once you have contacted them, and spoken with their design team, they will start to work on plans for your wedding. It’s always good to work with others when coordinating the events of your wedding day, and this company will make sure that your flowers are ready.

Affordable Wedding Flowers For More Info Just Call Us: (212) 686-1999

Wedding Flowers

The Most Amazing Way How To Find Wedding Flowers For Your Wedding To Try Right Now

(And If You Looking For The Best flower shop Just Call Us Now: (212) 686-1999 🙂 )

How To Get Cheap Wedding Flowers

Inexpensive wedding flowers seem to be elusive. After all, it’s a common fact that these flowers have the prospective to be very expensive. However, that’s not necessarily correct and a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised as to how they can cut the wedding flowers cost with just a little creative thinking.

Obviously, one the less pleasant things related to weddings is sitting down and looking for places to reduce costs. However, when it comes to managing wedding flowers cost, not all hope is lost and sometimes, a calculated strategy using one or various of the approaches mentioned below can be quite effective.

Being Cost Savvy

You may have done extensive research on the types and combinations of flowers and came across a range of permutations posted in well-known blogs, websites and even books. However, you should bear in mind that these perfect floral arrangements for weddings have been picked from the best specimens and created by professionals, all which result in a hefty price. As such, it is important to be realistic regarding your selection and what you can afford.

The Types of Florals

There are of course expensive and less expensive selections. Roses, lilies, peonies, gardenias, tulips and hydrangeas are all expensive. On the other hand, iris, gerbera daisies and carnations are relatively cheap and all look great. Know the cost of your selection and be ready to flexible with your choice. It is always advisable to have a plan B in the event that your chosen flowers aren’t available on your special day.

Concentrate on Bouquets

Properly designed and constructed bouquets for weddings look appealing, but they come at a cost. It is advisable to keep yours modest but beautiful and even consider using your bridesmaid’s bouquets as part of the centerpiece floral arrangement at the reception. Ideally, you will want to limit the volume of the bouquets, but if that’s not to your liking, bulk them up with greenery.

Use Wild Flowers

One of the best ways to save money on wedding flowers is by using wildflowers, as you will avoid the entire cost of conventional flowers. Very few people at your wedding will be experts in botany and more often than not, won’t even tell the difference. This is an approach that is particularly excellent for rustic weddings.

Use The Same Flowers For Different Locations

This is another great way to cut the costs of wedding flowers. For instance, the flowers used at the main ceremony can be transported to the reception before your guests arrive. However, you will want to ensure that you have a trusted team that can do this at the right time and place.


Ideally, you can use non-floral inexpensive additions in order to add volume to the floral arrangements, particularly the centerpiece arrangement. This will alleviate the need for more expensive florals like succulents.

Take Advantage of Your Purchasing Power

You can attempt to combine your purchasing with other people who are getting married during the same period and town as you. Negotiate for reduced prices with the same vendor and you are likely to succeed. Alternatively, you can use the same flowers with another couple back to back.

Optimize Supply Chain

Each and every vendor takes their cut in the supply chain and adds to the entire cost. Thanks to the internet, there are now several online suppliers who will provide full service, right from the flower bed to delivery. Alternatively, you can grow your own flowers for the wedding in your home garden.

The Availability

You should check which flowers are in season for your big day. Seasonal florals are more readily available and cheaper. Florals that aren’t in season will obviously be more expensive as a result of the extended supply chain. You should ideally avoid specific public holidays and holiday seasons such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day when the flowers’ prices increase dramatically.

Book a Florist Well In Advance

Planning in advance is key to having an excellent wedding and this is no exception when it comes to flower arrangements. As such, it is advisable to book a florist as well as your specific floral selection in advance. This will allow the professional to ascertain the availability of the flowers and get rid of last minute surprises

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers


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In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.