5 Things to Know Before Meeting With a Wedding Florist

5 Things to Know Before Meeting With a Wedding Florist Photo

With your big day quickly approaching, you’re busy ensuring every wedding detail is perfect and in order. While you prepare for the date, you should focus on one of the most critical factors of your wedding — the florist. This individual or team of designers can make your venue look effortlessly beautiful with unique arrangements, table centerpieces, and bouquets for your entire bridal party.

As you begin searching for the right wedding florist for your big day, a few factors can make the interview run smoothly. Learning how to prepare to meet with a wedding florist will help you ensure you choose someone who can offer gorgeous and reliable services.

5 Things to Know Before Your Meeting 

Your first meeting with a wedding florist gives you a chance to bring your ideas to the table and see how they can match your vision to create a beautiful venue. Before jumping too far ahead into the planning process, there are a few factors of your wedding that you should plan to discuss with the florist. 

Styling details, expenses, and the size of your wedding can influence the florist’s plans when approaching your venue’s decorations. Be sure you know these crucial facts and keep the following list of what you bring to a wedding florist in mind.

1. The Wedding Date

Your wedding date is one of the most important details to prepare for a floral consultation. This information is essential for the florist to ensure they can arrive with the flower deliveries and set up the venue on your wedding day.

Let the florist know your wedding date so they have enough time to order the wedding flowers that will be used to create floral arrangements closer to your big day. Timing is everything in the wedding business — make sure to coordinate this time with the florist first so everything can go as smoothly as possible during your consultation and onward.

2. Your Budget

The budget you and your partner have set is another crucial factor you should discuss during your consultation with a wedding florist. Florists have their own pricing rates, fees, and logistics that go into each event. When first meeting with your potential wedding florist, ask how their services can fit your budget to create a beautiful ceremony and reception without spending more than you anticipated.

Budget considerations are one of the most important pieces of information you can receive from a floral service. You can keep their numbers in mind, along with your other essential criteria, as you compare them to other companies or individuals.

3. Your Wedding Theme

5 Things to Know Before Meeting With a Wedding Florist Photo

Now for the fun part — your wedding’s theme. Florists dedicate their time and expertise to creating unique arrangements around the planned theme representing the love you and your partner share. 

Wedding florists tend to have their own unique style that they’ll bring to the table during an official consultation. Seeing their work up close and evaluating their style can make it easier to choose the right team or individual to take charge of the floral decorations at your wedding. Their aesthetic impact on your big day can help make your theme come to life in unique ways you may not have thought of before.

During your consultation, feel free to bring inspiration photos from magazines or social media to start your theme with a color palette. The florist can transform these shades into beautiful wedding flowers that incorporate your favorite color combinations. Alternatively, you can choose flowers different from your selected color scheme. Instead, your wedding flowers can use vibrant hues that make your theme bolder or subtle shades to make your original color scheme stand out.

Even if you haven’t settled on a specific theme, coming to your floral consultation prepared with a simple vision can help inspire the florist. With their experience and line of work, they can help you come up with a theme that you will fall in love with on your wedding day. Wedding florists will typically walk you through their portfolio of previous work to spark inspiration for your big day, highlighting their expertise in the process.

4. The Size of Your Wedding Party

Knowing how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, or other honorary titles you’ll have in your wedding is essential when first meeting with a wedding florist. These individuals will likely have a bouquet or a corsage that the florist will need to design, order, and arrange before the big day arrives. Before your consultation, make sure you and your partner have settled on the size of your wedding party, so you know how many people will need these wedding flowers.

If you plan to carry a bouquet, it can be helpful to have an idea of what you want it to look like before your first meeting. This arrangement will be the highlight of your wedding flowers as you carry it down the aisle and toss it to your wedding party at the end of the big day. 

5. The Venue

The venue you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception can act as a canvas your florist can turn into a beautiful piece of art with various floral arrangements. If you’ve already selected your venue, feel free to bring photos to the consultation showing where your wedding and reception will take place. The florist will be able to work with you to create centerpieces and displays that accentuate the location’s features that fit with your theme.

There’s also a chance that the potential wedding florists have already worked at your chosen venue for previous weddings. In this lucky instance, they should be familiar with the layout and have a better idea of which types of flowers and arrangements look best.

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5 Things to Know Before Meeting With a Wedding Florist Photo

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