Things to Keep In Mind When Arranging a Bouquet with Red

When creating a bouquet filled with passion and desire, there are a few things to keep in mind. Mahir Floral & Event Designs has a wide selection of bouquets with dark red flowers for delivery

Ideas for Red Bouquets

Some ideas to spark inspiration for your next arrangement order include:

Use Statement Pieces

Sometimes, the most impactful arrangements are those made of only one kind of flower. Choose one type of red flower you enjoy, such as calla lilies, and some greenery to create a striking statement piece that will add elegance to any setting.

Add Texture

Adding texture to a monochrome bouquet makes it visually attractive. Request seasonal flowers in your bouquet or ask for flowers with various sized petals and shapes to keep the eyes exploring the arrangement.

Combine Seasons

Create a unique arrangement by combining flowers from multiple seasons. For example, interweave the red flowers of winter, such as poppies, with spring blooms, like red carnations or lilies.

Common Types of Red Flowers

Since red flowers bloom each season, you have a full year of red floral arrangements to look forward to. Some of the many red flowers to choose from and their blooming season include:


Red is the perfect color to use in arrangements to complement the season’s warm shades. Use bright red flowers like anemones for a spicy touch or dark red flowers such as asters to add a subtle warmth to arrangements.


While poinsettias are a common choice during winter, you can add more unique options, like orchids and amaryllis. The vivid hue will stand out against white and cooler tones associated with the season.


After the chill of winter, the blue skies, warmer weather, and colorful spring blooms are a welcome change. Brighten any space with red flowers like tulips or combine delicate choices such as sweet peas within a larger arrangement.


Summer is a time of longer days, higher temperatures, and many new blooms. Welcome the sun by adding peony, dahlia, or alstroemeria to arrangements.

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