9 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Unique birthday party ideas for adults

Whether your birthday is approaching or you’re tasked with hosting a party for a loved one, you might be stumped for ideas. You won’t want to settle for a few balloons and a bit of confetti — birthday celebrations deserve more than ordinary, generic decor!

Between the common party planning stressors, picking out the perfect cake, and detailing a guest list, planning a birthday party can feel overwhelming. To help you plan a memorable, unique event, we’ve rounded up some fun adult birthday party ideas for you to consider.

1. Game Night

Game night party themes are fairly straightforward to plan. All you need are players, a few party games, and some tasty treats. You can keep the decor simple — the choice of games for the day is the main attraction. 

Card games like The Worst Case Scenario and Cards Against Humanity are popular options. There are also tons of drinking games worth considering. Drinking roulette and beer pong are just a few classic party games to add to your list of options. 

Game nights work best with a large group of friends, and an even number of players is ideal. Choose party games that everyone attending will enjoy, and consider the number of players so each player has a fair turn. 

Snack platters and sweet treats are a top option when setting the table for a game night. Since you’ll be so focused on winning, you’ll want to keep the menu as simple and snacky as possible. Think nachos, fruit platters, sliders, cookies, candies, and other easy-to-eat finger foods. 

2. Spa Day

Whether you hire professional massage therapists and nail technicians or set up a few DIY stations that allow your guests to make their own fun treatments, a spa day occasion is a relaxing and rewarding way to celebrate a birthday.

If you choose this idea, the decor is as important as your choice of treatments. Tying the space together with luxury floral arrangements is a sure way to enhance the atmosphere. Refreshments and healthy snacks are also necessary. A variety of wines and a few healthy beverages like cucumber water and herbal teas pair well with light organic snacks like carrot and celery sticks and fruits. Chicken or veggie wraps are also a great idea!

3. Cocktail Party

What better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than with a tasty cocktail or two? Cocktails have a long-standing reputation as party drinks. You can choose from a lengthy list of classy cocktail recipes or opt for fun, vibrant beverages — there are more than 80 cocktail recipes, according to the International Bartenders Association. 

Once you have set up a decadent drinks menu, choose a few cocktail appetizers, such as bacon-wrapped baby potatoes and shrimp cocktails. A suitable food menu will mainly consist of light, tasty finger foods. 

You can decorate the space with floral arrangements that complement the colors of your cocktails. Classy tablecloths and statement centerpieces can also add to the atmosphere. Don’t forget to order a cake for the birthday wishes!

4. Murder Mystery Party

True-crime fans will adore the idea of a murder mystery birthday party. Enjoying macabre decor, eating a delicious dinner, and working together to decipher clever clues and solve the case can make for a fun and memorable evening. 

You’ll need to choose a storyline, which is the most complex detail of this party theme idea. You can exercise your creativity and make one up yourself, or you can find store-bought plots to make planning easier. Decorate the space with classic mystery items like magnifying glasses, old-school tobacco pipes, or other items that complement your chosen case. 

The dinner menu can range from light appetizers to decadent mains and sweet desserts. You’ll want to set a full table so you and your friends can solve the case while dining.

5. ’90s Themed Party

This iconic idea allows ’90s babies and fans of the nostalgic era to celebrate in style. Decor and dress code are the most essential elements of ’90s birthday party themes, so be sure to include a Y2K dress code on the invites. Since Y2K fashion is making a comeback, your guests might not need to look very far for their outfits. 

Decorations can range from luminous balloons, glow sticks, and inflatable seating to nostalgic accents like slinkies, retro vinyl discs, and disco balls. There are no limits regarding the food menu, although pizza or burgers are practical choices that fit this party theme. 

6. Classic Pool Party

Pool parties aren’t just for lively kids — they’re also fun birthday party themes for adults. Planning a pool party is also pretty straightforward. Simply throw together a drink and food menu that fits the sunny season and remind everyone to bring their swimsuits along. 

Pull party flowers

While you don’t need to decorate the space, a few inflatable pool toys can add to the fun. You can also go wild with balloon setups and tropical flowers to make a statement. 

7. Slumber Party

Plan a throwback to your childhood with a classic slumber party. Have everyone attend in their pajamas and pick out a few timeless films. Gather some popcorn and movie snacks, and set up the living room with air mattresses, cushions, and lots of blankets. You can also go the extra mile and plan slumber party games like pillow fights, truth or dare, and charades. 

8. Outdoor Adventures

If you and your friends are nature lovers, you could plan an outdoor adventure to celebrate a trip around the sun. A camping trip, hiking day, or outdoor sporting game are all great ways to celebrate a birthday in nature. 

While there’s no need for decor with this idea, you can pack snacks and drinks for the event. Choose healthy options like fruit-infused water and trail mix. 

9. Fancy Dinner Party

A fancy dinner party is more straightforward to plan than you might think. Even if you aren’t the most skilled home cook, you can rely on a professional catering company to set the table. Aside from the menu, you’ll want to decorate the space with classy decor like elegant centerpieces, sophisticated tableware, and luxury floral arrangements.

Include a formal or semiformal dress code in the invites, and your fancy dinner party is planned. 

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