Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Find The Best Blooms for Your Beloved

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and express adoration for the love in your life. It’s an opportunity to shower your significant other or another loved one with trinkets and treats.

While the value of a Valentine’s Day gift lies entirely in its sentiment, flowers are a timeless token of affection and a symbol for the day itself. Finding the best blooms for your special someone can be as tricky as picking out the perfect card and jotting down a romantic message. 

This Valentine’s Day gift guide will help you figure out which flowers are best for your beloved.

When to Order Flowers for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to surprising your partner with a bouquet of flowers, timing is everything. It’s essential that you don’t purchase a bouquet too far in advance, as the flowers will wilt, and the entire bouquet will lose its charm. Fresh-cut flowers typically stay vibrant for about seven to 12 days, although wilting can start sooner, depending on the environment and flower care. At the same time, you won’t want to find yourself joining the ranks of gift-givers nervously sifting through dwindling piles of half-wilted roses at the last minute.

Instead of searching through stores to purchase a bouquet, order flowers for Valentine’s Day about a month in advance. Even though you can place an order closer to the day, doing so sooner ensures florists have ample time to create and deliver your bouquet without any issues. 

If you’re wondering how to order flowers for Valentine’s Day, the best approach is to follow prompts on the florist’s website or contact the florist directly to enquire about the process. 

Top Bouquets for Your Valentine

There’s an endless variety of flower arrangements on the market. Some are simplistic in charm, and others extravagant and lavish. But as far as Valentine’s bouquets go, here are our most enchanting arrangements:

  • You & Me: The You & Me is a 20-inch tall, 7-inch wide glass vase of a dozen long-stemmed red roses. This simplistic and modern bouquet design is a minimalist romantic dream. The classy glass vase encases the roses’ full length and stems.
  • Just You: The Just You is a shorter 7-by-7-inch high square glass vase of a dozen short-stemmed red roses. A sophisticated alternative to our You and Me bouquet.
  • Ruby Rows: Ruby Rows is an elegant 3-inch tall, 15-inch long sleek plate glass vase packed with rows of short-stemmed ruby red roses. 
  • Heart at Stake: A stunning 8-inch by 10-inch rose platter, the Heart at Stake is an elegant heart-shaped bouquet of roses atop a modern black riser that is sure to enchant your beloved. 
  • Heart 2-Ways: The beautiful Heart 2-Ways bouquet loops fresh grass carefully to create two interlinking hearts, much like a romantic infinity symbol. Within the two hearts lies a composition of hot pink roses encased in a slender 18-inch tall glass vase. 
  • Sea of Love: Sea of Love consists of 18 gorgeous short-stemmed hot pink roses in a modern 7-inch tall, 14-inch wide glass vase.
  • Heartbeat: While roses might be the most popular Valentine’s Day bloom, there are other romantic flowers to choose from. Phalaenopsis orchids are a great example. The Heartbeat bouquet incorporates gorgeous pink orchids, fresh bear grass and rows of ruby red roses in a luxury plate glass vase. 
  • Sweet Pea: The Sweet Pea bouquet is an exceptionally unique selection of gorgeous sweet peas cloaked within a bed of lush looped grass in a classy, shallow 20-inch wide vase. This bouquet is an elegant choice that swaps traditional roses for delicate, sweet pea flowers. Sweet peas might be the best alternative if your partner isn’t a fan of roses. 
  • Amore: The Amore bouquet makes for quite a romantic statement. Three dozen premium red long-stemmed roses tactfully arranged into the shape of a heart will surely win your beloved’s affection all over again. 
  • Together is Better: The Together is Better bouquet consists of three tall glass vases in three varying lengths: short, medium, and tall. Each vase encases a dozen ruby red roses.
Amore - 3 dozen premium red long-stemmed roses

While these Valentine’s bouquets are stunning gestures, there’s also the option of having a custom flower arrangement made with a selection of your partner’s favorite flowers. Opting for a custom arrangement adds a hint of sentiment to the timeless token of affection. 

How to Pick the Perfect Flower Arrangement

When choosing a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement, the most important considerations are your partner’s preferred tastes. Not everyone adores red roses. Your partner might prefer pink roses, lilies or even bold yellow daffodils. Other flowers can be just as enchanting, if not more. 

Find out your partner’s favorite colors and dig a bit further to figure out their favorite scents. Finding the right blooms for your Valentine is a lot easier with these details. 

Once you know which flowers, colors and scents to look for, all that’s left to choose is the design of the arrangement. Consider whether your partner enjoys large and lavish shows of affection or simple and sophisticated gestures. When finding suitable arrangements for the former, look for extravagant bouquets that really make a statement. For the latter, choose a modern bouquet design that showcases elegance. 

How to Personalize Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Once you have singled out the most enchanting flower arrangement for your Valentine, you might wonder whether you should personalize the gesture. Because personalizing an item adds sentiment, the answer is always yes. 

There are more than a few ways to personalize a bouquet of flowers. The most popular options are pairing the bouquet with a meaningful card that contains a romantic message or attaching specific sweet treats your partner enjoys. However, as mentioned, you can personalize the bouquet by adding specific flowers to your beloved favors. 

Where to Get Flowers for Valentine’s Day

You can buy flowers for Valentine’s Day at most florists. Mahir Floral & Event Designs offers a vast selection of flower arrangements for every occasion. You can browse elegant bouquet designs online or visit our store at 156 W 28th St, New York, to get an up-close view of our gorgeous arrangements and experience their whimsical scents. You can place an order online or in-store at your convenience. 

Browsing and placing an order online might be more convenient, although visiting the store is the best way to experience what each bouquet has to offer. 

Gift Floral Tokens of Affections From Mahir Floral & Event Designs

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Whether you’re after an exquisite bouquet that boasts three dozen ruby red roses, a charming modern glass vase filled with long-stemmed blooms or a creative combination of hot pink orchids and roses, our selection of elegant flower arrangements is sure to impress. 

Visit Mahir Floral & Event Designs to browse Valentine’s Day bouquets and place your order online, or reach out to a talented florist for more advice.