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The Cost of Wedding Flowers

The Cost of Wedding Flowers Photo

Flowers can be one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of a wedding day. If you want to incorporate floral arrangements and bouquets into your celebration, you’re probably wondering how they’ll fit into your wedding budget. 

The cost of flowers can vary greatly depending on a few key factors. How much you are willing to spend will likely impact how you work flowers into your special day and what type of blooms you choose.

Mahir Floral & Event Designs in New York is breaking down the average cost of wedding flowers and some frequently asked questions to help you make the right decision for your upcoming nuptials.

Types of Wedding Flowers

There are many ways to incorporate flowers into a wedding celebration. The following are a few of the popular types of flower designs for your special day:

  • Bouquets: The bride and bridesmaids typically hold beautiful floral bouquets throughout the wedding ceremony. The bridal bouquet tends to be larger and more expensive.
  • Boutonnieres: The groom and groomsmen’s suits are often adorned with small bundles of flowers fastened to their suit jackets called boutonnieres. They tend to be a smaller expense.
  • Altar decor: Flowers are a beautiful way to dress up an altar and create a stunning backdrop for saying I do.
  • Flower girl petals: If you participate in the tradition of having a flower girl or boy, you’ll need to get blooms so they have petals to sprinkle down the aisle during the ceremony.
  • Centerpieces: Another type of wedding flowers you may require are centerpieces for the tables where people will dine.
  • Decorations: Whether you place a few arrangements around your venue or have massive floral installations, flowers are one of the best ways to decorate your wedding.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

The Cost of Wedding Flowers Photo

While we do not have a specific value for the average cost of wedding flowers in 2023, most couples spent between $700 and $2,500 in 2022.

What Goes Into Wedding Flower Costs?

How much a couple spends on their wedding flowers will depend on a range of different factors, including:

  • Venue size and vision: The size of the space you are decorating will influence how many flowers you need to achieve your vision. You’d need fewer blooms if you are planning a minimalist theme with simple arrangements throughout your venue. In contrast, you’d need significantly more flowers if you wanted to decorate with elaborate arrangements. 
  • Flower type: The types of flowers you choose for your wedding also impact how much they cost. For instance, peonies and hydrangeas may cost significantly more than carnations and daisies. 
  • Season: The time of year will also directly affect wedding flower costs. Getting blooms local to your venue’s region and in season generally costs less because there are fewer transportation requirements. 
  • Florist: Different florists are likely to offer their services at different rates. This can directly impact how much couples spend on their wedding day blooms.

Other Potential Costs

When choosing flowers for your nuptials, you may incur additional fees, depending on your florist and design team. 

Potential additional wedding flower costs include:

  • Design: Couples who work with a team to design their flower arrangements may have to pay additional fees for this service. 
  • Delivery: You may be responsible for delivery fees and tips for the individuals dropping off your wedding flowers.
  • Setup and installation: Similarly, you may pay those who help set up your wedding flowers, especially if installation takes considerable time and energy.
  • Breakdown: You may also have costs associated with wedding flower breakdown and cleanup. 

Communicate openly with your florist and ask them about all of their fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Flower Costs

Explore the following frequently asked questions about wedding flower costs:

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Flowers?

While planning your wedding, you may have questions about how much you should spend on various elements like cake or music. Experts typically suggest setting aside about 10% of your wedding budget for flowers.

That percentage could vary depending on your and your partner’s unique situation. For instance, a couple having a backyard wedding may have a larger flower budget because they didn’t pay for a venue rental. 

Who Pays for Wedding Flowers?

Traditionally, the bride’s family paid for the wedding flowers. However, many couples do not follow these customs and split the costs differently.

No matter who pays for your wedding flowers, it’s a good idea to figure out who is covering the bill before meeting with the wedding florist. You’ll also want to determine your budget ahead of time to streamline the process.

Who Pays for Bridesmaids’ Bouquets?

According to tradition, the bride usually covers the costs of the bridesmaids’ bouquets. It is also typical for the groom’s family to pay for the bridal bouquet

Again, these rules are flexible, and different couples cover the expenses for their wedding differently.

How Much Do You Tip a Wedding Florist?

You can generally tip your florist between $50 and $100 for their time and effort in putting your wedding flowers together. 

Some florists do not expect tips, but it can be a gracious way to thank them for their help, especially if they put in extra work to find allergy-friendly flowers or hard-to-get blooms. 

Tips For Saving Costs on Wedding Flowers

The following are some easy tips for saving money on flowers for your big day: 

  1. Choose in-season blooms: Work with your florist to learn which types of flowers are in-season during your wedding day. You can often save costs by picking local, in-bloom flowers. 
  2. Tell your florist about your budget: Be open and communicate your budget to your florist before placing your order. They can work with you to get the best arrangements within your budget. 
  3. Repurpose the flowers throughout your event: Couples can save on wedding flowers by reusing them for different locations around the venue. For example, you could use the flower arrangements at the guest book table at the beginning of the wedding and move them to the dessert table later. 

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