If you’re like most people vacating the city in search of waterfront pastures, you probably have a checklist of essentials to bring with you. It’s easy to forget something amidst the mayhem of leaving work, beating traffic and arranging travel plans with multiple people.

Worrying about being a “good guest” probably isn’t the first thing on your mind..

Not to worry. When planning ahead isn’t a possibility, these easy gift ideas can help.

preserved pink roses

Aside from being beautiful, preserved roses are a great gift simply because they won’t die. Hassle-free to travel with and small enough to fit in your suitcase, preserved roses come in a variety of colors for every personality and interior style.

preserved pink rose preserved roses fancy pink rose heads

We have these in our store front right now sitting on crystals that can be re-used as candle holders.

candle in small holder

Succulents are another easy gift idea.

succulent garden as a gift succulent garden

tall succulent gift  cacti in kitchen dishes

Have them re-potted in metallic or opaque vases to add an element of glamour, or pot them yourself in mason jars for a rustic feel. Cacti also work.

FreakinFab Terraiums

Plants in a jar

Plants in a terrarium

Terrariums are a compact way of traveling with your cactus or succulent present.

Terrariums to travel

Bon Voyage!


Dear Customers, we are still working hard to stock up full variety of flowers and vases.

In the meantime, please know due to COVID-19, any unavailable flowers/vase will be substituted with equal or greater value to reflect the closest look. Thank you for your continuous understanding & support.