What Flower Is Traditionally Connected With Christmas?

What Flower Is Traditionally Connected With Christmas? Photo

When Christmas comes around, most people decorate with twinkling ornaments and colorful bulbs. But incorporating traditional Christmas flowers into your décor will add new levels of elegance and warmth to your space during this special time of year.

While floral arrangements are typically reserved for warmer seasons, there are a few types of flowers and foliage that are traditionally gifted around the holidays. Whether you’re hosting a festive holiday soiree or just looking to take your typical decorations to the next level, our guide will show you the best types of Christmas flowers to use to fill your heart and home with the holiday spirit.

1. Poinsettias

What flower is given the most at Christmas? You likely aren’t surprised that poinsettias make the top of the list. These festive florals are easily identifiable by their large velvety red petals and dark green foliage underneath. Other color variations feature white and pink flowers.

This iconic plant is popular in the United States and United Kingdom at Christmastime, though it originally comes from Mexico and is a large part of Christmas celebrations in Mexico. Unlike other flowering plants, the red petals you see on this Christmas favorite are really the upper leaves of the plant, while the true flowers sit at the center of the leaves and have a yellow hue.

The red and green variation of poinsettias represents the hues used to celebrate this holiday season. The plant itself symbolizes joy, success, and cheer, which makes it the perfect gift to brighten your home during the coldest months of the year.

2. Azaleas

You can bring the sparkling beauty of winter white snow into your home with the stunning addition of azaleas. These lovely blooms come in vibrant shades of pink, purple and yellow. However, we recommend using white and red variations to highlight the heartwarming colors of Christmas.

Fully bloomed azaleas can last up to four weeks, so you can count on your centerpieces lasting throughout your Christmas celebrations. That said, what really makes azaleas the perfect foliage for Christmas is what they represent. These delicate flowers symbolize wealth, elegance, abundance, and passion.

3. Red Roses

Although red roses are typically reserved for romantic gestures, their dramatic color flawlessly matches traditional Christmas colors, so your bouquets will capture the festive spirit of the season. When paired with vibrant winter foliage, you have a classic Christmas palette.

Freshly cut roses can last for seven to 10 days in clean water, so you should order them just a few days before gifting them. To create a modern and more festive take on this flower, try adding eucalyptus, berries or pine needles to your floral presentation.

What Flower Is Traditionally Connected With Christmas? Photo

4. Holly

When you’re looking for what plant represents Christmas the best, you can’t wrong with decking your halls with boughs of holly.

Holly is one of the oldest traditions for the season, with its use dating back to the Druids. Long before Christmas trees dominated the holidays, the Druids, Celts, and Romans believed holly symbolized fertility and eternal life, and considered the leaves to hold magical powers that brought protection and luck. While most plants die in the colder months, holly stays green and full of life. 

Throughout time, these vibrant leaves and berries have stood as a lasting holiday tradition. Whether in a wreath or bouquet, holly is sure to stand out as stunning Christmas décor in your home.

5. Cymbidium Orchids

While orchids don’t traditionally fall into the category of typical Christmas flowers, these resilient petals have an enchanting effect that perfectly complements the dazzling snow outside.

Cymbidium orchids originate from the Himalayan forests and grow in environments above cloud level. This means these spectacular flowers thrive in the cold and last up to a month after being cut, which makes them just right for Christmastime!

These orchids feature 10 to 20 little flowers that grow in bunches at the top of their long stems. Their unique colors and shape allow for greater creativity when designing live arrangements.

6. Calla Lilies

If you’re looking for a classic and colorful flower to add to your holiday bouquet, look no further than the calla lily. These iconic flowers come in a diverse color palette, including yellow, pink, orange and purple. However, the deep maroon and sterling white variations are the perfect representation of an elegant and jubilant Christmas.

Just like poinsettias, the colorful part of a calla lily isn’t the actual flower, but an outer leaf. The spike inside of the deceptive petal is the true flower of the plant. Calla lilies are smaller than other lilies, with significant depth. The dark green leaves and stems provide an intriguing contrast to the elegant white and maroon petals.

7. White Roses

If there were ever a flower fairer than a red rose, it’d have to be its purer counterpart. White roses are one of the most beloved flowers all year round. They match every aesthetic and occasion and integrate into every color scheme. So, it makes complete sense for this classic beauty to also be a Christmas décor sensation.

White roses are an obvious pairing for Christmas bouquets because they reflect the picturesque snowy landscape outside. However, their historic symbolism of innocence, purity, love and new beginnings brings an elegance and notable appreciation to this already beautiful flower.

White roses can be arranged with dark green foliage, dark red flowers, gold trimmings or silver embellishments for an eye-catching and photo-worthy Christmas bouquet.

8. Foliage and Decorations

Why only look into what the best flowers are for Christmas when you can add earthy and whimsical elements like pine cones and evergreen branches to your bouquet?

While every flower is beautiful in its own way, adding a little extra volume to an arrangement using foliage can truly transform your floral vision. With the festive nature of Christmas, you have many stylish and playful options to choose from.

Colorful ornaments, gold leaf accents, pine needles, branches and mistletoe can all be integrated into your display for a unique centerpiece or gift.

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