How Can I Use Calla Lilies in Floral Arrangements?

Calla Swivel Photo

Calla lilies bring an air of elegance and intrigue to any luxury arrangement. These blooms offer a unique shape and texture among a sea of roses, peonies, and other common flowers. They also create stunning bouquets on their own. That’s why Mahir Floral & Event Designs keeps a fresh stock constantly growing in our greenhouse.

Calla lily arrangements offer the ideal centerpiece to your table, a pop of color in your office, or a gift to a trusted friend.

Why Send a Calla Lily Flower Bouquet?

The meaning of a calla lily is a double-edged sword. The lily symbolizes love, innocence, and fertility, and thus is a popular choice in wedding decor and baby showers. Calla lilies are also one of the most chosen blooms in funeral and sympathy arrangements, as it represents rebirth and the soul.

In both of these cases, white is the typical choice, but arrangements may also feature this beautiful flower in all sorts of vibrant colors, including:

  • Red: Go with red when you want to share love, passion, and courage, especially with your significant other.
  • Pink: Choose pink for appreciation and adoration. Pink calla lilies are most popular around Mothers’ Day.
  • Purple: You can’t go wrong with purple for admiration, mystery, and regality. An excellent choice for the bold and eccentric in your life.
  • Yellow: Yellow flowers are a great option when expressing joy and gratitude to the best of friends.